Camille and Ursula Their Screen Test – NUWEST

4 May

year: 1988; M/2f; time: 27 minutes

Producer Ed Lee narrates in one of his early films, and says some funny things we’d assume would have to be edited out if this film were ever remastered. We have returned to this film and updated our impressions. The trestle here remains on of the most bizarre and original conceptions. The girls are delightfully erotic.

Lee is young and thin, with a full head of hair, and sporting his Germanic little mustache. He is going to interview and audition two of his models, then spank them on a new “instrument.” He blurts out that this is somewhat of a new format for NUWEST, and that “I hope you realize when you watch this tape, Jerry Falwell is going to get you.”

He shows us a drawing of a rather unique German spanking trestle with a girl tied in position on it. NUWEST has built a “little take-off” on the device, and improved upon it, we will observe.

‘Camille’ walks onto the set and has a seat in the interview chair. She is a charming and unassuming blonde from Germany, wearing a conservative blue dress. She made some films for NUWEST in the past and has returned for more. She likes spanking. Lee shows her the drawing of the trestle and bloomers he will have her put on. She is interested. She will return at 4 PM for the spanking shoot.


‘Susan’ is next, despite the title of the film. Another German, light brown curly hair. She broke up with her boyfriend because he WOULDN’T spank her. Lee is as amazed as we are. He says he knows 10,000 guys who would do the job. He explains the rack and the punishment costume. Lee is ebullient. “This is going to please all our perverted customers out there.” Return at 4 PM, watch the Camille spanking session, then her own spanking.


To the sound stage; a closeup of the structure of the trestle. Made of polished 2×4’s, a frame on four very sturdy reinforced legs. A cloth-covered pad the shape of a mailbox will support the girl’s hips at one end. She will stretch forward, hook her elbows around pegs, and have her wrists cuffed and fastened to a vertical post. Lee has improved the frame by elevating the bottom and lowering the model’s head, and by eliminating the complicated Oriental rope bondage illustrated in the drawing.


Camille arrives and slowly strips naked in the foreground, her bottom full screen. Skirt and top off, silk panties down, and pantyhose rolled down last. She puts on white bloomers and a chemise top. Lee leads her to the trestle. She almost jumps onto the pad, so that her feet (dirty soles) dangle, and when she reaches forward to hook her elbows, her buttocks rise to the most vulnerable of poses.2aa7a209-846c-4967-b8ac-440d713ea03d

Lee lays on a promised 30 strokes of the floppy strap, very hard. The strapping is filmed from facial views showing the strap-fall, rear shots, and ceiling-CAM overheads. As always, if there were repeats, we took no issue. At the conclusion he pulls down her knickers. “Uh, oh,” is his reaction to her bruises, more than he expected, and which have the mottled, irregular pattern of authenticity. When Lee asks if she is all right, she cannot get the words out.


Susan arrives and strips, this time facing us. Lots of pubic hair here.  Same bloomer outfit, same experience over the trestle, same inspection, and blotchy result, and for her also, the cat has got her tongue. Susan was more nimble getting into this nasty position.

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