Teacher Taught Again Part 2 – STINGINTHETAIL

5 May

M/f; year: 2001; time: 26 minutes

‘Dawn Deacon’ plays teacher ‘Miss Taylor,’ and she is again afoul of the headmaster, who we have described as having the ‘George Washington’ haircut. She is over his desk, skirt up, her bottom is already red, and she is about to get the cane. She can’t help giggling, perhaps because she got a look at this actor when he came out of thw wardrobe department.

“let’s have this bottom up in the air…a brief sixer.” A mild 6. He has her spell “Contrite,’ and he lays out 8 more strokes. He retrieves his tawse from the umbrella stand. “Take your knickers down, Miss Taylor.” Over the desk again–it is all very ritualized. “Two dozen,” she must count out. She is allowed to rub, then “Take your knickers right off.”

Taylor stands at the wall, and the headmaster makes her roll her skirt up even higher, nice humiliation. Ready for the cane. Hands on a chair, six strokes counted backwards, she won’t apologize, so six more. The half-ass apology is not good enough, so 12 more–“bend over, hands on the floor.” These are counted backwards also, and they are getting harder.

The headmaster has Taylor bend so he can examine his work–it is quite pornographic. Frontal flash as she dresses, he smacks her a few more times, and she can’t resist giggling just a little bit.

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