Caught in the Act – MOONGLOW

6 May

M/2f; time: 34 minutes

Alison Payne and a girlfriend frolic in the woods, and in heels! We found this film on CAVERN; it has been released with another name, which we will find. The girls stop and talk, about sex and spanking, and decide to experiment a little in what they think is privacy. The brunette takes Allison takes her OTK for a silly attempt at spanking. “This is what you call ‘kinky’?” The brunette says she does this every night with her boyfriend.

They move to a tree, where Alison grabs it, her girlfriend pulls down her shorts, to expose her thong. Sneaking around and watching is a friend of the aforementioned boyfriend, who bursts out of the brush at this point. “What are you doing?” “A game,” replies Alison, with her bottom in the sunlight.

Why not? The guy will take over spanking Alison. The girls are in no position to argue. Alison giggles a bit. “Are you laughing?” “Yes, because my girlfriend is watching.” The guy then spanks the brunette girlfriend also, but no one can generate any steam in this outdoor setting. Mostly giggles.

Dissolve to an interior setting, where some real action can take place. The girls are back home, discussing being spanked by their boyfriends. Alison strips naked and puts on a thong and T-shirt, providing the obligatory nudie scene. A different guy appears, it seems to be the brunette’s boyfriend, and he has heard about the escapade in the woods. He wants the brunette to change into something sexy, like Alison has done.

He will start on Alison. She lies on the bed, blankets under her hips, for a soft martinet. The brunette is ordered to lower her thong, and SHE spanks Alison, who has a the habit of cocking her bottom between strokes. “Harder, come on!” she demands.

The brunette is next propped up on the bed, legs spread. Alison takes over with a leather sole with studs. The boyfriend sends Alison off and turns on his girlfriend, the brunette. “It was only a laugh,” she begs. “I’ll show you a laugh, the cane!” She bends for the first series. He swooshes. “Feel the wind?” About 18 strokes, maybe some blood flecks, she can’t remain in position. Hard breathing, gasping. Massive varied marks and welts. Very realistic.

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