Miss Bitch Boss – NUWEST

7 May

2F/m2f; year: 1993; time: 28 minutes

Three NuWest regulars, and a plot! Male actor, the well equipped ‘David,’ plays ‘Charles.’ He is hired by ‘Miss Collins,’ who we think is Jennifer Brooks, and then advised of very good bonuses, but warned he will be “severely punished for sloppy work.” When David asks what that means: “A trip over my knee.” In the background sits “Cindy,’ played by ‘Joanne Jameson,’ and she is enjoying David’s shocked reaction. After all, she should know. She works here.

FADE to new scene: New employee Charles at work; Miss Collins catches Cindy on the phone with her boyfriend. From the look on her face, she knows what is in store for her. Like we mentioned, there is plot AND some acting! “I can see we’re going to have another little visit today…in my office after 5 PM.” Davis witnesses this interchange with some disguised interest. NW actually shows the wall clock to depict time passage.

Sure enough, at 5 PM, the spanking is underway, Cindy bare bottom OTK. David returns to the office to pick up the portfolio he forgot, hears the cries in Collins’ office, climbs up on the desk, peers through a vent, and sees the action. Ms. Jameson’s guttural grunts in this spanking sequence seem different and more realistic than we remember of her. “Are we getting to the seat of your problems, Cindy?” Well, maybe we spoke too soon on the acting.

FADE to the next day; Cindy is sitting on a pillow. She tells Charles: “I got a spanking last night.” But soon Charles is in trouble. He executed and returned a customer’s contract without Miss Collins’ approval, making a huge mistake, confusing pounds with tons. “I want to see you in my office after work.” Later, Collins escorts Charles inside, and Cindy smirks with knowing pleasure.

Charles positions himself to go OTK; Collins makes him put his hands on his head, which allows Collins herself to unfasten and drop Charles’ pants. It will be soon enough with ‘David’ at NuWest that the girls pull down his boxers too at this point. OTK, now she pulls his shorts down. She knows but we don’t know what is rubbing against her knees. “Can I take my glasses off now, Miss Collins?” The Miss Collins actress is having a very good time. Cindy walks into this spanking, gets a signature from Collins, fetches the hairbrush for her, and gets a gander at Charles with his pants down. Then she sits outside, enjoying the sounds.

FADE to a new scene: Cindy has jumped Collins and they run around the room. Collins has lost her skirt and Cindy smacks her bottom every time she can get a shot at it as they scramble. Finally, Collins bends over a chair, panties down; then OTK–a big professional CP bottom. The two actresses laugh as they walk off the set after the scene.

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