Riding Stable – CALSTAR

7 May

M/2f; time: 51 minutes

Another riding stable spanking session at CalStar; this film is subtitled “Two Corrected Mare’s.” [sic] Two ‘stable girls’ are caught reading ‘Delicious Sex’ by the actor ‘Jack Uppitt,’ who apparently has been charged with taking care of these two girls by their parents. The girls have been sent to work with him for six weeks, and have already been caught fooling around with the stable boy.

“If you’re going to act like children, I’ll treat you like children.” Jack grabs the girls, blond ‘Jenny’ and brunette ‘Charlotte,’ and begins smacking them on their working clothes, which are a bit too tony to be convincing for mucking stables. He gets Jenny over his lap and pulls her slacks down. She is not wearing panties, which does not attract attention. “I’m going to punish you for the rest of the afternoon.” Uppitt makes such declarations in all his films. He has a stand and face him while he scolds. He takes long looks at her vagina, another trait found in his films.

Jenny is sent to the tack room, in just her white blouse, and Jack shouts for Charlotte, who comes out of the tack room, having already taken off her pants and panties. Jack takes her OTK also, reminding her she will be coming “to my quarters” later. As both girls move around the set, their blouses are just short enough to provide frontal glimpses, and a lot of them.

Charlotte again, bend over a chair, “legs straight,” and he spreads them like he always does. With the ‘slipper,’ an unimaginative flip-flop, he smacks her hard. Same for Jenny. Constant scolding.

Uppitt sends Jenny to get the straps. Charlotte is ordered to remove a her blouse, which she does slowly. No bra; sweet natural breasts, not show-girl. Uppitt goes to work on her with a long and thick sole-shaped strap, a mean looking thing. Jenny’s turn, she takes off her blouse in the same careful way and presents another lovely innocent front. Uppitt switches to a large tawse, another instrument to use with caution. As he spanks, Uppitt keeps taunting the two naked girls.

Side-by-side for tawsing. On a break, the two nude girls cool their bottoms against a wall. It hasn’t been that bad! Now Jenny is sent to the tack room for riding crops, but we go directly to the cane. Both girls are caned in lengthy scenes, including repeats from several angles–obliques, full-rear, tearful facials, all nicely spliced together for about 25 strokes for ach girl. Not mean, but very erotic. Uppitt repeatedly reminds them they must appear at “4 PM tomorrow in my quarters, for more of this.” As he canes Charlotte: “I’m going to tell your father.” “Please don’t, sir.” “You’ll do anything, won’t you?” In some of his other films, we do see those late sessions and what happens.

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