The Headmaster Blake Stingings – RAVENHILL

7 May

M/3f; year: 1994; time: 50 minutes

Good old Wentworth Academy, that vale of tears. ‘Stephanie,’ a pretty blonde prefect with management office privileges, skylarks on Headmaster Blake’s phone. Blake arrives–the actor and site producer ‘Richard Lewis,’ Stephanie complains of a toothache, and sneaks off to the mall, where she is caught shoplifting, which  is also observed by two other students. She concocts a charge of cheating against them to blackmail them into silence.

But cheating at Wentworth requires punishment–spanking, we’re glad to report. Blake confronts the girls and immediately positions the chair. A brunette is first to go OTK, her pants are pulled down immediately, for a slow ineffectual 8 minute handspanking. At least she is nice to look at, and it appears the process builds up for her–she does some sexy wiggling and twitching. The second girl, a blonde, watches, and waits unhappily. Pretty Stephanie is also watching but she is amused. (It is difficult not to be, with Lewis’ acting) Closeups of her lovely face; we’ve seen too many of these films–we think we know what is going to happen to her. The blonde is next, her pants are gone, for a shorter spanking, while she protests her innocence, but “rules are rules.”

The two girls are then positioned over the desk. Stephanie is permitted to take up a leather ping pong-sized paddle; she takes some delight in an ineffectual paddling of the two bare bottoms side-by-side. Raven Hill for us remains a notch or two below convincing severity, so that the girls tend to giggle and chat while being spanked. There is plenty of focus in Eastern Europe.

In another scene, Stephanie is back on the phone, cackling with friends about her paddling triumph. Outside, Blake has discovered the fraud and is apologizing to the two spanked students.

He and the girls confront Stephanie, who quickly confesses. She is to receive the “same full measure” plus an additional dose. What could that be?

Desks are rearranged, right there in the study hall, and Stephanie is taken OTK. Pants are rolled down to the thighs. Stephanie was well cast and it has been worth the wait. She gets a long 9 minute handspanking. the lighting is better here–you suspect the crew was motivated by the lovely hard bottom. Mild splotching and bruising. The two girls cheer Blake on: “Harder, Mr. Blake, hArder.” Stephanie kicks and jiggles. One of the girls is sent to get the paddle. “Oh, I love to get the paddle.”

Stephanie presents the perfect picture when it is her turn to bend over the desk. The paddling is lengthy and mostly silly tap-tapping. But it is time for Blake’s extra measure: “Stay in position for 20 strokes of the rod.” She counts out 20 reasonably firm and hard strokes, the best yet. Midst some silly bawling, she winks at the camera as if to say: “So there. Wasn’t so bad.”

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