Strict Qualifications – CALSTAR

8 May

F/3f; time: 51 minutes

Job interviews require test spankings! A simple plot, executed on the CALSTAR white sectional couch in one room. Look, the goal here is to get the pants down and the canes whirling, so we’re not fussy about the sets or ambiance. Great looking British girls as always. The character ‘Mattie Johnson’ plays a stunning blonde domme who acts as an agent for a Saudi sheik, placing girls in his employ who agree to take a “fortnightly” spanking as part of their work. Now we know, not just any bottom will do. This erotic image of British girls being whipped by Arab characters pops up the literature and may have some historical relevance.

‘Marie,’ a solid brunette, has the first appointment interview. The process is explained–the girl has to look great all the time. The sheik uses paddles, straps, and a cane, and there can be a “session” about every two weeks. He doesn’t mind you complaining, as long as you don’t say “stop.” You should be prepared not to sit down for a day or two.

Marie goes OTK over glamorous Miss Johnson’s lap. Red panties revealed under her skirt. But during a “simple handspanking,” as Johnson describes it, it is becoming apparent Marie can’t take it, in spite of the potential 5000-10,000 pd bonus the job promises. When her panties come down and she tastes the stiff leather Ping-Pong style paddle, she opts out, is courteously released, and leaves (pulling up her pants of course). There is stipend for her to be had just for answering the ad. It is a form of hush money, because you don’t take your pants off in employment interviews very often.

‘Charmayne,’ a saucy blonde in the universal little black dress, enters next. Explanations are condensed, and the “one little hitch”–the sheik likes spanking sessions every couple of weeks–is elucidated. Charmayne seems almost incentivized and hikes up her skirt to expose white panties. Johnson starts her spanking, then shows her the paddle to come. She likes to brandish the implements and enjoys the interview business more than she lets on. Charmayne needs no coaxing to pull off her dress–goodness, she is totally naked! Very nice. She  is paddled then twirled for us. She is told again: “It really does hurt. It’s only once every two weeks.” Johnson hands her the cane. “Is that the worst one?” Charmayne asks. Johnson whirls it. “Pretty scary, huh?” Charmayne takes about 12 solid strokes and is sent off to get the stipend. “We’ll call you.” We certainly would.

The third applicant is a tall short-haired blonde, and forthrightly (and apparently fortnightly) ready to put her bottom on the table to get the job. After explanations, she is skirts up/pants down kneeling on the couch for some paddling and the strap. “Oooh.” Next, off with the skirt, over the table–there’s a nifty little Mohawk. She checks the camera–yes, we see what you’ve got and we approve. During the strapping, she wiggles her bottom in the most knowing way. She spreads nicely for a dozen of the cane and is hired.

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