Penelope – NUWEST NWV-146

9 May

M/f; year: 1998; time: 29 minutes

An oldie, and intended to feature one of NuWest’s new young models. Penelope is a tall and thin light brunette, her straight hair well down her back. This film consists of many cheesecake shots and scenes designed to highlight her feminine presentation, when the added spice of CP. No continuity intended–just a celebration of the actress in fetish scenes.

Another male actor does the spanking in these scenes; we assume Ed Lee is behind the camera and he does appear in some sequences. After a ‘photo shoot’ of her in undies, the blond male actor spanks her OTK on her yellow leotard. Her long hair covers her face, a circumstance NW will correct momentarily, the next time the camera moves.

In front of a ‘class,’ ‘teacher’ Penelope, partially nude, changing into fetish costumes for Ed Lee to photograph her on the studio backdrop. We especially note the transparent plastic raincoat, which amused them also.

Some other scenes show Penelope’s bare feet being tied to the back a chair for a tickling session, a fetish NuWest did not much exploit in their catalogue.

School teacher scenes where Penelope strips down to undies in front of the class. More classic feminine humiliation, and you go through your memory bank to recall a teacher like this.

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