Stephanie’s Playthings-Mische – NUWEST

9 May

F/f; time: 29 minutes

More of the Stephanie Locke ‘Playthings’ series, and this one includes tickling, not found often in the NU-WEST fetishes. Stephanie narrates the opening: “Today, we’re going to explore Mische.” This actress, a tiny Asian, blessed in the bottom department, made a series of films in this early era, for NU-WEST, SHADOWLANE,CALSTAR, and probably others.

“Come here, young lady.” Mische is a schoolgirl, in blouse, blue skirt, suspenders, and bobby socks. Stephanie will keep up an erotic femdom scolding throughout the film. Mische goes OTK immediately in the simple NW sound stage setup. As the spanking begins: “Best thing about Mische, she’s so tiny.” This refers to the sometimes complicated process of positioning a more statuesque model OTK. Skirt up, full white panties.

Mische kneels on the floor in a penitent position, strips off her skirt while in that pose, then removes her blouse. No bra. Stephanie keeps scolding and helps herself to Mische’s small breasts. Back OTK, now in just gauzy white bikini panties and socks, in this film as erotic as being naked.

Kneeling on the floor again, Stephanie ties Mische’s wrists in front of her, raises her elbows over her head, then loops the rope around her ankles. Some gentle bondage accomplished in just a minute or two on film. Stephanie gropes her boobs again, then tickles the soles of her feet and her armpits, setting up squeals which far exceed any caused by spankings.

After this brief interlude, Mische is untied and taken OTK again. Panties down. Stephanie continues her narration with us, hoping we agree on the charming sight Mische now presents. More tickling and by far the loudest squeals. “You’re being severely tortured by me.” Mische begs. You can easily surmise she would much rather get the paddle.

To conclude, Mische sits on Stephanie’s lap for the obligatory cuddle, then we fade to a concluding interview, Mische dressed in little-girl clothes. Stephanie gives out an advertisement, “if you’d like to see me,” a telephone number and a ShadowLane mailing address.

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