Strictly Spanking-Katerina and Kariana – NUWEST

9 May

M/2f; time: 25 minutes

A film made very late in producer Ed Lee’s career, and in his life. In the simple spanking format he used over the years–two girls are vigorously spanked over his lap, and the action is filmed from several positions, then the segments repeated from each of those spots. Good old-fashioned presentation of bottoms on laps, strictly that, no frills.

Katerina, an older blonde; and Kariana, a smoky continental brunette, will take turns. Katerina goes OTK first–this first segment is the facial shot and the spanking proceeds, an appropriate selection for the opening because we see the surprise on the girl’s face as the spanking begins. Brunette Kariana goes over next, and Lee makes an exclamation which needs no explication. “What the hell have I got here, a ‘Kim Kardashian’? We’ll have to wait.

This opening spanking for each girl is repeated from a full-rear shot, and an oblique rear. Katerina wears a pink mini-skirt and top, Kariana a long black slit dress.

Lee announces that now we come to the “bare ass” portion; he was still indelicate after all these years, but he tends to say what we are waiting to hear. “The meat of the matter,’ he calls it. Facials for Katerina and Kariana, then a direct frontal shot, then the all-important obique rear and full rear shots. When Lee rucks up Kariana’s dress, she is wearing only a thong. “Oh, my God!” says Lee when the glorious nates shine in the lights.

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