Two Cruel Beauties – NUWEST FCV-035

9 May

2F/m; year: 1996; time: 28 minutes

Actresses ‘Katie’ and ‘Vanna’ do the whipping here; they have NW’s blond ponytail model kneeling naked and erect on the floor, while they circle him, whipping with modified martinets, front and back. He is totally vulnerable-there is a big need to be accurate. Katie wears a BDSM leather harness, so that her breasts and buttocks are fully exposed, framed by the straps. Vanna wears a full bodysuit.

The girls poke fun at the guy’s long curly blond hair, tied in a ponytail–“girly hair.” As they circle, they make him kiss their buttocks and crotches, although it is harmlessly silly for now. Many of the camera shots involve the mostly nude Katie, more than the guy or Vanna, fine with us.

The guy shifts to all-fours on the floor, then a quick fade to a new scene, where he is stretched out on his back on a low bench on the floor, feet on the floor, knees high. Once again, his jewels are there for the taking, as is his face. The girls whip his upper body–once again the target area is limited. Vanna sits on his face, but she has that body suit on. Katie sits–some pubic hair pokes out from the leather triangle. They tease that he does not have the slightest erection, although Vanna gives it a try. “Wipe that smile off your face….want to see more pussy?” “Pathetic,” says Katie of his flaccid penis.

Dissolve. The blond guy is strung up to a ceiling rope. He doesn’t like the martinet in this posture. “‘Ow?’…..don’t say ‘ow’….just ‘yes ma’am’ only.” Katie checks his penis again. Nothing. “What is this…how old are you, TWO? Men are only good for one thing.” The girls whip him, front and back, from shoulders to the knees.

The girls switch to dog whips, which makes the guy jump even more. “We’re going to make you pay for that long hair and small penis.” (Not true actually, it just isn’t interested.)

Another set change. The guy is strapped over a frame which puts him in an all-fours posture, his mid-section resting on a padded bar, and his butt, well, available. Both girls put on strap-on dildos, different in size but clearly potent. After they are lubricated, “Ready or not, here we come.” Vanna penetrates first and elicits a grunt. The wood frame sets up a rhythmic squeaking as Vanna rams. Katie whips his exposed back.

Katie goes next, and somehow her penetration seems more convincing. She holds his head up by the ponytail, like reins. Nice facials of excited Katie as she pumps away and the frame-squeak overwhelms all other sounds.

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