Victorian Maids – CALSTAR

9 May

MF/f; time: 60 minutes

Two ‘Victorian’ maids get spanked, allowing the roll-out of vintage clothing and period fetish depiction, fine with us.

I-‘Rose’ is verbally chastised by her mistress for failure to control ‘Florence,’ the Manor Lord’s naughty daughter. The girl Florence is summoned–she is a cute sassy blonde in a boater. The mistress is furious with her and orders her to strip her clothes off. She is not about to do this, so the mistress wrestles with her, rustling through her Victorian petticoats to access a bare bottom. She then lays on a legitimate hard handspanking. She unfastens Florence’s dress and the maid Rose is called in to unlace her stays, during which Florence checks us at the camera to see if we are paying attention during this non-spanking down-time. Oh yes, honey, we are here, eagerly awaiting. She is stripped down to just pantaloons with no bottom to them and is put over the desk for a paddle. “Arch your back and put your bottom out for me.” A big square paddle is used. From her red face and blotchy bottom, it appears she got the message. Rose takes her off to bed, having escaped the mistress’s paddle herself for the moment.

II-CalStar resident actor ‘Michael Dawes’ is ripped at his maid ‘Miss Gresham’ for breaking an heirloom. The maid is another entertaining CalStar regular, very adept at giving and taking spankings. He tells her: “I’m going to take out payment on your bare bottom.” You know he will- –we’ve observed it with pleasure many times. Gresham’s bottom is indeed discovered under the petticoats. Dawes is fiercely intent on extracting “30 shillings’ worth of your bottom” with about 15 cane strokes. Then they take a break and Gresham goes for wine.

III-Back to Rose, who in fact didn’t escape. She goes OTK, pants opened for a firm sonorous handspanking. Her pants are removed, and our no-nonsense mistress finds a bundle of birches nearby. But first Rose takes off her apron and dress and lifts a set of shifts to expose the pretty bottom in the daylight. She is paddled over the desk–lots of hard strokes, then the birch–over 20 hard swipes, very stimulating from our seat, and we think the hardest birching we had seen up to this viewing. Rose: “I’ll be your loyal servant, madame.” Hooray for birching.

IV-and lastly Dawes, still on Gresham’s case (ass). He has his wine and keeps on going with the cane–20 more strokes, w/repeats. He loves to reposition a squirming bottom for the camera. He declares: “I’m satisfied.” Given the work we have catalogued for this performer, it is surely a well-spanked maid which leads him to say this. She will be a good little worker tomorrow and won’t be sitting down.

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