Bill Collector – CAVERN

10 May

M/f; time: 29 minutes

A careful reader points out we reviewed this earlier as ‘Debt Collector’ by CALSTAR.There are ways to pay off debt; a bill collector noses around the alley around a house and spies ‘Mrs. Jones’ trying to avoid him. He gets into her kitchen (as it were), confronts her on what she owes, and she proposes a paltry pound a week payoff. Unacceptable. “We’ve got to come to some serious arrangement.” “What do you suggest?”

The bill collector stutters a bit. “Maybe not money…some other arrangement.” “But I’m a happily married woman, with three children.” She cries poverty and asks again, “What do you suggest?” “You’ve got a really nice bottom…it’s going to be a really hard thrashing.” He begins spanking her right there in her kitchen. Skirt up, hands on knees, then over the washer. She claims she has never been spanked before but seems to know what to do. They move to the “lounge” of the house. “You’re going to pay me with your red bottom.”

The guy carries a small strap in his pocket, like a shoe horn. Over the back of an easy chair. “This is too soft. I’m going out to the car for the cane.” He has her change into a naughty little nightie top and mesh panties, which she can come up with on short notice. Frisk position, he pulls down the panties and uses a Ping-Pong paddle. She bends over the back of an easy chair–she is quick and skillful at assuming these poses. The collector breaks the handle of his ‘bat,’ so it is time for the cane.

15 strokes in this position, she goes dead quiet, as is the tradition, so much so that a clock can be heard ticking. The cane tip between her legs gets a reaction. Five more strokes, and at last the first real facial for this actress. A cute brunette, a bit older, her boobs have popped out of that scanty top.

The bill collector takes a final look at her bottom and makes arrangements for next week.

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