12 May

M/f; time: 48 minutes

‘Sophie’ apparently doctored a film of hers on the GBS website; headmaster ‘Tom’ says the customers are furious (it didn’t upset us), so he is going to subject Sophie to a punishment to be filmed as compensation for the subscribers.

The first 22 minutes of the film are given to Tom explaining to us how this is going to be a private filming-no cameraman, how Sophie is waiting at the door and unaware. She is called in, expresses curiosity about the cameras and the lights, and is scolded for an extensive period about what she did to the GBS film ‘Disrespected.’ She wears a dress, a little jacket, and carries a handbag.

Tom has her bend over the desk, ruck her skirt up, and pull down her thong. “Spread your legs.” He positions a camera around the front of the desk, which will focus on her face. He wants her to “look into this camera throughout the punishment.” Tom will start with his doubled belt.

Sophie is a big girl, with a big bottom. He cracks her very hard with the belt–she gasps immediately. She slides off the desk after just three, already in tears. The belt whipping is ferocious. Loop marks are soon evident. the strokes are repeated from several cameras, including the aforementioned face-CAM. Very convincing tears. He steps to one of the cameras to arrange a closeup, a “detailed angle for our disappointed customers.”

Tom next uses a cane, about a dozen strokes, seen from the various angles. For some reason, Tom then inserts a butt plug, for which Sophie spreads her buttocks to help him. It would have been fun if he spiced it up somehow. Sophie gets the slipper at the end, a flip-flop.

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