Establishing Authority – CAVERN

12 May

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Spankings in the kitchen; a wife starts a stove-top fire, makes a general mess in the kitchen. She is hung over from a party, where, to make matters worse for her, she was flirting with other men. Her husband: “It’s about time I taught your a lesson.” The pretty brunette is taken OTK and the spanking begins on her red panties. Like other CAVERN films, this feels like an older MOONGLOW.

“Part 1 is finished…clean up!” She must wear a tarty maid’s outfit, her bottom peeking out as she bends and crawls to clean. She is not out of the woods. “Bend over…touch your toes.” Bare bottom , just a thong. The husband begins spanking again, now with a wood kitchen stirrer. Lean over the sink, fondling. “One more position and we have achieved our ends.” That would be OTK, for handspanking and another wood cooking tool. “Ten more, count them”

He sends her off to bed. “I’m going to come and see you in a few minutes.”

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