The Showgirls Stripped and Strapped – NUWEST FD-142

12 May

2F/m; year: 1996; time: 27 minutes

NuWest’s ‘David’ on the receiving end. The title omits key punctuation–the showgirls DO the stripping and strapping. David is strung up naked, leaning forward, his butt sticking out. A tall female in a full dress straps David with a tawse and puts on the studio background music.

She dances around him and begins to take off some clothes. Down to black slip, wine sips, she keeps whipping. She wiggles down to bra, panties, garter belt and keeps strapping. Bra off.

In the next episode. David is strung again, and the showgirl, is it ‘Karen’? undulates against him before she begins strapping. Finally, we see an erection from David, one of his best, pointing to the rafters. The camera holds on his boner as the whipping proceeds. His cock literally throbs. Karen strips off her stocking and garter belt and is naked for the waist down. Bra off, she keeps tormenting David, and his unmatched penis does its job.

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