Client Confidentiality – STRICTLYENGLISH

13 May

MF/f; year: 2009 time: 1:19

Amelia Jane Rutherford! This film constitutes the entirely of ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford Volume 7’ from STRICTLYENGLISH. Amelia plays a junior solicitor in a law firm, the scene of other spanking episodes in other films. She went out drinking after work and spilled some embarrassing confidential facts out of a divorce file of a client, which information was quickly turned against them. Amelia confesses her indiscretion to the firm’s lead partner, ‘Mr. McDonald,’ (Sandy Cameron), who has been poised in wait of evidence of the security leak.

Amelia begs not to be fired. “I’ll do anything…anything.” Those words stand the hair on end for any male in a CP video. “Anything?” Sensing danger, Amelia tries to make light of her begging. “You’d probably want to horsewhip me.” McDonald goes quiet, then does in fact suggest a spanking. Amelia is shocked but quickly sees this the least path of resistance. She must write a letter of apology to the divorce client ‘Mrs. Harding.’ and another letter to him detailing her acceptance of a spanking. Things begin at 6 PM.

Typical of Rutherford and STRICTLYENGLISH,  costumes and sets are complete, lines are delivered professionally, and no opportunity is missed to celebrate Ms. Rutherford’s statuesque beauty. After work, she knocks and enters McDonald’s office. She is soon OTK. “Lift your skirt above the waist.” “Do I have to?” He begins spanking on her black lace boy shorts while she must read her two letters aloud. After a bit, McDonald gives Amelia some legal work to do while the spanking continues. “Your knickers down.” “Oh, my gosh.” The spanking is hard but playful, and her glorious hips cause her bare bottom to soar on his lap. All sorts of camera angles in this unforgettable target. When he lets her up, she faces us and give just the briefest pussy-flash as she adjusts her panties.

Dissolve to another scene, possibly that evening, after the spanking. Amelia has gone to see Mrs. Harding and deliver her apology. It is the actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ who looks to be an impossible 18″ shorter than the 6’1″ Rutherford. Harding is not inclined to an apology. She wants to see Amelia’s bottom, to confirm that McDonald punished her. “Lift up your skirt!” Harding smacks Amelia’s cheeks and almost has to reach up to do it. She gets a kitchen spoon. Amelia mutters something–she saw something shocking in the Harding file. Is she a lesbian, bi-sexual, or more?

There in the well-appointed country kitchen, Harding takes Amelia OTK, panties down. The exertion interferes with the straps on Harding’s top and bra. Are her clothes falling off? Amelia is released for now and again mumbles something revealing which angers Harding.

Dissolve to the office the next day. Amelia has been ordered to wear a tarty sundress/ tennis dress, knee socks, and pigtails, which elicited catcalls on the street. McDonald loves the sight: “Don’t sit down. We have business to discuss.” Harding has called and complained, even after all that yesterday. McDonald: “I’m am going to have to do a catch-up.” Long scolding, OTK, panties down. Over the table for a tawse. She is left to rub, hands on head, bare bottom captured by the camera. The office manager passes through and is certainly amused to see the bare bottom of their glamorous junior solicitor. “Someone has been a naughty girl.”

Mrs. Harding calls at the law office. She too enjoys seeing Amelia forced to pose in such a predicament. Harding and McDonald decide that Amelia is to be caned, now. Harding sits to watch. After the briefest protest, Amelia bends over a table, rises on her toes, and McDonald begins. About 15 strokes, Rutherford wails convincingly after each one. “Take your hands away.”

Is Harding satisfied? No. Amelia is angry when she is handed the cane. “She’s crazy. It’s in the file!” Just six more strokes, but some of the marks are wild-low. Don’t know by whom.

Amelia thinks it’s over. “What are you doing, Amelia Jane?” “Pulling up my panties.” “We are not finished.” Amelia screams something; we’re not sure. Did we hear? “She’s a man!” Six more from McDonald.

Harding takes her time fondling and examining Amelia’s bottom before they leave the room. Harding makes it clear the matter is not settled and that she will be back next week.

STRICTLYENGLISH adds a graphic that, although the film has concluded, they will hold on Amelia’s bottom for a while, and they do, as she moves around and suffers in privacy.

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