Double the Strokes – CALSTAR

13 May

M/3f; time: 20 minutes

Actor ‘Michael Dawes’ and three bottoms! First, he confronts brunette twins ‘Sarah’ and ‘Penny,’ his “daughters,” two gorgeous willowy long-haired nut-brown tanned morsels of actresses. They are doing poorly in school and performing badly in sporting activities Dawes is paying a lot to train them in.

The scene is the familiar white sectional couch room used so frequently by CalStar. He is going to spank them both. He takes the first twin OTK on the couch and raises her dress. “Look, no knickers” He feigns surprise and disgust. A slow handspanking; closeups show nice red bottom in spite of the complete suntan. The second twin gets the same spanking. The girls are wearing matching outfits and are indistinguishable if you turn your head for a second. At the conclusion of this, he has them stand for “comparison.” One sister feels she is redder than the other. Fortunately this “daughter” thing ends here. These fancy actresses do not go further with Dawes.

The girls’ mother, Dawes’ wife, returns home. She is a buxom blonde, and she is carrying a cane. She teaches, and she caught some students at school having sex and caned them for it. Dawes is intrigued, and more than a little bit interested. In many of his films, he gets a voyeuristic kick out of inquiring about others’ spanking experiences. He quizzes his wife. She gave a girl “26 strokes!”

“You quite enjoy this thing [the cane]….have you ever taken this across your bottom?” He is going to give her a taste. Bend over, he pulls her knickers down, and lays on 25 of his carefully spaced patented strokes. She screams, but she is enjoying it. Wiggling. “You’re very brave,” notes Dawes. He takes a detailed look at her before she adjust her skirt again, and like always, we presume their day is not complete.

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