Flatmates Discipline – MOONGLOW

13 May

M/2f; time: 38 minutes

Two roommates head home, actresses ‘Dawn Davies’ (aka Lucy Bailey) as ‘Debbie’ and ‘Liza Hughes.’ In the lane stands the actor ‘John Kirwood.’ The credits tell us he is the gardener ‘Mudstock,’ last seen in the film ‘Retribution’ and now unemployed. He opens his leather coat and flashes the girls, who seem amused and almost interested in what he has to offer.

The girls return to their flat. “All men are bastards.” But they are intrigued. They decide to bring Mudstock in and clean him up. They return to the lane. “Come on, big boy.” (after all, they got a good look when he flashed).

Dissolve to a new scene. Mudstock has had a bath; the girls have provided him with a bathrobe and slippers. He explains that he has been flashing since he has been unemployed because he is so bored, and for some women, he is the “highlight of the day for them.” He is quite at home in the flat. As they sit and chat and he sips a cocktail they have provided, he spies a cane they have in the room. Debbie and Liza explain they use the cane for conflict resolution. ‘Six of the best’ works.

Mudstock wants the girls to show him how they spank. Liza bends over first and Debbie just taps her with the cane. They switch–equally unimpressive. Mudstock will “show you how it’s done proper.” The girls are quite willing, having this stranger in their flat with nothing on under his robe. Mudstock first has the girls bend over for handspanks, much harder than they did it, but no egg-breaking yet.

The girls show Mudstock how they use a huge tawse-still silly. He grabs the tawse and does a better job on them. Mudstock explains that he never spanked any other way but “on the bare.” They pretend to not understand what this means, but very soon they are persuaded to take off their clothes. Debbie pulls off her dress and is quite naked underneath; Liza wears a bra-and-panty set underneath, which will survive the film.

Mudstock spanks then straps both of them, pulling Liza’s panties down when the time comes. He will now try out the cane. Liza bends over for 25 strokes, then Debbie takes 35 that we counted–she is naked, and is quite red and well-marked when Mudstock finishes. He sends the girls to get some cream, and we have a slow salving scene.

Mudstock is going to return to the lane and continue his flashing. This has been quite successful for him.

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