REALSPANKINGS – More Shorts Collected

13 May

‘Auburn girl in detention’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) A conventional office spanking from Michael Masterson, unremarkable except for the very attractive auburn-haired RSN regular model. After Masterson studies her offenses, “Get undressed.” He offers the choice of a paddle or tawse.

She bends over for the tawse, facing a mirror. Hard strapping, rosy bottom, alternate angles filmed. Her bottom takes on coloring just where the tawse struck, square patterns. We know Masterson likes to torment his girls. She must kneel on her kneecaps for one hour.

‘Betty with a blonde naked in the kitchen’ (F/f; 6 minutes) A stark naked blonde works at the sink. RSN’s ‘Betty’ enters, upset that the girl is constantly late.

“Now, we are going to get into that lunge position that you love so much.” She has been spanked recently with a hairbrush. This time it will be the Spencer paddle. Very fast marks result from this nasty paddle. The girl has a difficult time holding the athletic lunge posture. The 3-minute session is repeated from the facial angle.

‘Betty gets spanked’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) This is a significant film if you are an RSN fan. Masterson spanks one of his staffers, ‘Betty,’ who here is described as still a student at the Institute, where she has earned some supervisory authority, as a sort of prefect or trusty. He has noticed her attitude slipping a bit and some complacency setting in, and notes in her record that her last spanking was seven weeks ago. He decides a “maintenance paddling” as warranted.

Betty is wearing gym clothes. She does a nice job of appearing unhappy about this turn of events and bends over the desk. She reflexively arranges her hair off her face and glances at the camera. Shorts down, white panties down, the first camera angle is facial, and then the paddling is repeated from a perfect rear view. Tears, impressive bruises, some puss.

‘a Blonde is caned’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) We’ve mentioned RSN does not title their short episodes, and we have not gotten to the point where we recognize more than a few of the models.

Here, a blonde is going through a series of spankings, and this is the cane episode. Masterson explains the use of the cane at RSN, and the girl shows the progress on her bottom so far.  She bends over–the first six on her panties. “Lower your panties.” 6 on the bare with a different cane. Then the ‘Mr. Jumbo’ cane–she can only take 2. Finally, 6 more with the first cane. She gets a number of marks on the lower part of her bottom and thighs, including some skin pops. The sequence is repeated again from another angle.

‘Monica Caged’ (M/f; time: 18:19) In general, BDSM themes are infrequent at RSN, although we loved the dungeon series. Here, Michael Masterson has Monica locked up in a mesh cage. He opens the cage and unshackles her. She strips naked in the cage and waits for him to return.

Masterson takes her out naked and strings her up. She is flogged on the bottom and back. Very nice. The scene is a cold and dank looking concrete room. The scene is repeated from a different angle, a lot of facial.

‘On Pedestal’ (F/f; year: 2006; time: 8 minutes) Mistress Dee has a small brunette stand on a pedestal and balance herself with palms against the wall. Dee paddles her on her shorts. Her bottom and thighs are about shoulder-height for Dee, so the swings are a bit more cumbersome, although the scenery is good and getting better. For now, the girl wears little blue shorts and a white T-shirt. Her cries are a bit exaggerated.

The girl climbs down, strips naked, and bends over for a bottom inspection so far. She climbs back up on the pedestal and must stand for a while, hands on head. She must pay attention not to lose her balance. Dee then continues, handspanking, swinging like a handball player at the bottom on the pedestal.

‘Robo Spanker’ (; M/f; time: 7 mnutes); a green-eyed blonde is partially bent over, a spanking machine is in operation. Webmaster Michael Masterson sits in front her, obstensibly controlling the machine from his laptop. He is able to vary the pace of the strokes. We see heavy bruises across a narrow band of her buttocks. At one point, Masterson steps around and adjusts the strap to strike a little lower.

The machine consists of a short double strap, which snapped forward and then retracted for short sharp strokes. The mechanism is not as easy to comprehend as the the sophisticated devices used in SpankingServer, but the results speak for themselves. We have enjoyed some blogging here and there about the pursuit of the perfect machine, one you can set and go to lunch.

‘More Robo Machine’ (2M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Michael and an associate sit at his laptop. “We’ve got a couple of girls saving up their offenses for this day.” ‘Monica’ enters with ‘Jordan’ and is bent over the table facing him. The robo spanking machine has been positioned. Masterson explains the keystroke commands for the controls–intensity, strokes per set, delay between sets.

This crude machine does not compare well with the sophisticated electronics at Pain4Fem. Here, the machine wobbles and wheezes as it works, and the compressor providing its power can be heard kicking in like an air conditioner. The strap described in other films has been replaced by a lexan paddle.

Monica is paddled on her tights; we get to watch her face as she hears the machine whirl alive then smack her. Most of the sequence is repeated from the rear view, and at the conclusion Monica pulls her slacks down to display the results.

Bare bottom to the wall, Jordan takes Monica’s place. Not high marks for this machine–maybe a stiff paddle would have been better. They must have tried it.

‘Jenna’ (M/f; 5 minutes): A simple little film, but with some staging which should be used by others. Chunky brunette ‘Jenna,’ quite naked, is strung up in front of a wall of mirrors. She is then whipped by RSN’s older male dominant, using a flogger and a doubled belt. The camera angle is from the rear, with the mirrors providing complete 360 views.

She is whipped from shoulders to thighs, in just 5 minutes, completely red.

‘Michelle Paddled’ (F/f;  4 minutes): Model curly-haired redhead ‘Michelle’  seems to have volunteered to be paddle bare-bottom to fulfill some request by a subscriber, client, or customer. Are there traces on her face in closeup that she is not too happy about this, but that she will do it?

Without ado, she drops her jeans and takes 10 cracks with the large wood paddle RealSpankings likes to use and, as always, the spanking is firm, hard, and realistic. Just 10 strokes create blue and white bruises.

Ping pong paddle; (M/f; 6 minutes) A fast and hard paddling of a naked brunette by the regular RSN male disciplinarian Michael Masterson.  4 minutes of a steady, firm spanking.

‘Three naked girls- Kailee’ (F/2f; time: 6 minutes) Where to file this one? Kailee, Jasmine, and Laurie walk onto the set, all stark naked. Kailee will handspank and paddle each girl, the scene repeated with the bottom angle. No dialogue, plenty to look at. Masterson has mentioned the popularity of multiple naked girls.

‘Two guys at fireplace’ (2F/2m; time: 26 minutes) Mistress Dee and another female staffer are spanking two naked guys, who lean in the frisk position in front of the fireplace. The girls select from a table-full of implements and take turns. The guys yelp to different degrees to the variety of sensations. When they turn and face us at the conclusion, we see both are very well endowed, but as is often the case, neither has become excited by all this feminine attention.

The 13 minutes of strapping and paddling are repeated from a side view.

‘Kailee naked’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Kailee is already naked at the start of this short film. A  strips a blonde naked, very quickly. The girl kneels up on the RSI wing chair, but with her knees spread wide and resting on the arms. Precarious but revealing. Handspanking and teardrop paddle. Facial and side views.

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