The Hitch Hiker – CALSTAR

13 May

M/2f; time: 25 minutes

Girls hitch hiking, one of the silliest of the hitch hiking-themed CP films. An ageplay older guy, seen in early Kane and Roue films, cruises country roads in his Mercedes convertible. He picks up two fun-seeking frizzy brunettes, who have been flashing their wares roadside to attract attention. In no time, he scolds them for such dangerous behavior and says, “I’m into spanking.” They agree, he pulls off the dirt road and they walk into a field. The guy is wearing matching shorts and shirt, with running shoes, as if he were on the way to a shuffleboard tournament.

“Who goes first?” The first tall thin girl goes OTK as our gentleman sits on the meadow-like ground clearing. “Oh, you’ve got a nice bum.” This thinly disguised pervert has a small paddle in this coat pocket. We guess he carries it at the ready like the cell phone would soon be carried. The girls squawks a bit. “Some of them like it. This one’s complaining.” The second girl observes, “Don’t you think we’d rather walk?” But he is persistent and suggests that if the girls would agree to go somewhere more “private” later for the cane (like further into the brush), there might be some money in it.

They do move further in. He pulls the brunette’s knickers down and her dress up, both front and back. The second girl, more chunky and not as easy to handle, goes OTK, spandex and thong down quickly, for handspanking then the paddle.

“Take your clothes off, both of you.” “What, here?” Of course, girls, of course. Both kneel nude for the paddle. They bend and he straddles them to get a full vertical swing. “Oh, I like this position.” We’ve seen this pleasing posture work successfully before.

The girls crawl around nude (thistle alert!), urged on pony-style with the paddle. Then some nude running, before they dress and return to the car. We assume the gentleman got his rocks off. Not much to this film. The nude white pale flesh contrast in the sunlight and weeds, bare feet vs. thistles.

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