The Clinic – CALSTAR

14 May

F/f; year: 1988; time: 30 minutes

Spanking therapy clinics, a great theme! Corporal punishment when all other forms of discipline fail.

‘Mrs. Robinson’ is in the process of spanking her schoolgirl daughter ‘Amy.’ But nothing seems to work. “I’m going to have to take you to the clinic.” Amy doesn’t like that, and we will soon learn it is because she has been there before.

The clinic appears to be a legitimate medical facility. ‘Dr. Lacey’ shows quickly she likes her work and will see to Ms. Amy forthwith, after just a little consultation with her mother. Lovely closeup of Amy’s maryjanes pawing the floor as she waits apprehensively to be taken inside. A dentist’s office, but for a different part of the body. The doctor decides Amy must be kept a week, since the past visit failed. She takes Amy to a “demonstration room” to see if a new small wooden paddle she has acquired will make any impression. Amy stands on a little platform, panties at her knees. Very cute bottom, but silly paddling.

Amy is taken to an examining room–really looks like a clinic: antiseptic halls, stainless steel medical appurtenances, padded tables, stirrups, enema bags hanging–enticing and intimidating. Amy is left with Dr. Lacey, who begins Day One with pants down OTK and a bend-over the examining table. Sexy, but no sting.

In the final scene, we have reached the end of the week. Amy is still in the same schoolgirl outfit. Her bottom is red, but at least that is plausible in that such condition should have been maintained all week. Lacey waves a cane. Amy lies face down on a padded table. Her panties are lowered and she is made to kneel up, head down. She has the body type which provides us full views of her labia and anus. Lacey canes her, about 12 of the silliest taps you will see. Come on, Doc, lean in! At least there is something to watch–Amy in this embarrassing position. Her mother arrives outside and her week is completed.

It seems Mrs. Robinson was turned on by this clinic, as was Dr. Lacey interested in her when they met. Robinson returns for her own therapy. In some ineffectual lesbian byplay, Lacey spanks her, just as poorly as her other work. Robinson did not wear any panties, it seems. They arrange a longer appointment. We don’t need to be there.

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