A Real Good Part – CALSTAR

15 May

M/f; time: 12 minutes

One of actor ‘Michael Dawes’s’ productive little themes. He could turn out these films back-to-back. He is on the phone, a ‘talent’ agent, auditioning “girls for films.” We know where this is going. ‘Jenny’ comes in–a cute, tiny frosted blonde, one of those body types you recognize where the essentials are packed into a small space.

Dawes explains, “I’m a very busy man,” he has a part for her, it pays well, but it involves nudity. “I have to see you naked.” He sits on the CalStar white sectional. She stands while he twirls and fondles her. “Will you drop your dress for me?” The actress laughs nervously, although she is made up to appear that none of this should be new to her. She gets down to black bra and thong.

The question you wait for: “How badly do you want this job?” He gently takes her OTK and she immediately opens her legs. She DOES want the work. “I’d like to do a few smacks on it…you seem a natural.” Little grunts from her as he begins spanking. He unfastens her bra.

Slow fondling. “Let’s just slip these down.” Thong gone, tears, she actually covers her face from the camera. Dawes has her stand and twirl naked–frontals. She is whimpering and acting well enough to convince us she hasn’t been spanked on camera too often. Dawes has suspected–“I think you have been drinking.”

After another inspection on the couch, kneeling, Dawes sends her to his office to have an acting contract prepared.

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