Bathtime Beatings – CALSTAR

15 May

F/2f; time: 1 hour

Early ‘Miss Brown’ and one of the best. Two naked girls sip wine and prepare a sudsy tub–blond ‘Michelle’ her friend brunette ‘Kirsty.’ The girls spill red wine and frolic; they are drinking Miss Brown’s wine and using her tub.

Miss Brown catches them of course. She is thin and young at this juncture, here wearing a wel-filled striped jersey which, in another film, you would be waiting for it to come off. “My wine, my bath!” Michelle is visiting Brown for the summer and is not allowed to have guests. Brown intimidates the girls, as she does in all her films, and forces Kirsty to recall out loud that she was spanked the last time she got in trouble here.

Brown will start with Kirsty, and makes her lean up against one end of the large two-person tub. “Stick that bottom out.” Most of the first half of this film is simply a celebration of wet bare bottoms. Brown pours the remains of a bottle of red wine over her buttocks. At the other end of the tub, blond Michelle bites her nails in helpless anquish at the scene. (She’s next) After a brief introductory handspanking, Michelle must take her place. “Stick your bottom right up in the air…there’s a good girl.” Mirrors on the wall around the tub help with this already exciting nude scene. Brown compares both bottoms and decides Michelle needs a few more smacks to achieve parity. The girls are directed to dress and report to Brown’s study in 5 minutes.

But the girls dawdle, are slow to dress, console each others’ red bottoms, drink more wine, and maybe share a marijuana joint. Brown returns to their bedroom. “Your five minutes are up.” Brown will spank both girls with a large black tawse, bent over a counter. Much ado about getting them in just the right position. Neither girl had gotten so far as putting on panties when they dressed.

The girls now report to Brown’s study. Both girls must bend over her desk, and very slowly, Brown pulls down both pairs of knickers. With Kirsty, she reaches around and gropes some breast and sort of dry-humps her.

This is more than punishment. Michelle climbs up on the desk on her back and throws her legs all the way over her head. Brown squeezes a large glop of lubricant on her exposed pussy and slowly rubs it in. Kirsty is getting a kick out of this too.

The caning finally begins. Kirsty begins begging when she sees it. “Take your top off,” says Brown. She gets about 8 moderate strokes from Brown. “Feet on the floor, legs straight, stick your ass in the air.” Legs spread very wide, Kirsty jumps up on each stroke.

Michelle moves to the center of the room for her caning, bending over a hassock. Knickers kicked away, she screams through 8 strokes.

With undisguised lust, Brown orders the girls “and your bruised bottoms, into the bedroom, now!”

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