Caned in the Back Room – CALSTAR

15 May

MF/2f; year: 2005; time: 53 minutes

Strip club owner keeps his girls in line! Ubiquitous master-spanker ‘Michael Dawes’ plays ‘Dave,’ a strip/sex club owner who disciplines his delicious girls by spanking them. His customers probably enjoy a red bottom now and then. ‘Danny,’ a very cute blonde in naughty schoolgirl attire and the “house” madam, and long-haired brunette smoldering ‘Kennedy,’ who owes Dave “house fees”–kick-backs they pay for tips and services they provide on the floor, will switch and trade spanks and favors.

Dave is going to have his fun with both these willowy girls and so are we. He demands that Danny spank Kennedy. He’ll watch–we know this actor likes that. “I want marks on her bottom.” Willing Danny: “You know you have been asking for it, Kennedy.” Kennedy goes OTK, and Danny pins her down with a handful of hair. Kennedy is in black scanties. A slow handspanking, very erotic, pants down, quite an eyeful between her legs. Kennedy: “I wish there were some other way…why don’t we stop and find out?”

This is between girls so far. Danny gives Kennedy quite a frigging. “I don’t do this with all the girls.” More harder spanking; Kennedy bends over a couch, knees locked, bottom high, dancer’s legs, for some hard oval paddle. She masturbates herself as Danny whacks away. Danny uses the floppy strap, to Kennedy’s erotic gasps.

Dave has left the girls to work this out and now returns. “I brought this cane along.” To Kennedy: “Twelve times you haven’t paid us…one stroke for each…I want quiet while I am doing this.” A pretty caning, excellent facials and angles, 12 clear strokes.

Since house madam Danny didn’t ensure the fees were paid, to Kennedy, “You can watch me deal with the house madam.” Danny is a bit startled, which increases the tension. “You’re going to take a good spanking.” “ME?”

Dave lets Kennedy spank Danny herself to get even. Nice white panties. It seems everyone is enjoying this–Dave as voyeur, Kennedy doing his work, and Danny is on the receiving end. These girls will do everything at this club. Danny gets on her knees and provides Kennedy with a lengthy session of oral sex, more graphic than ever for CalStar. Kennedy does a very nice job of convincing us she is climaxing [police sirens outside to coincide with this moment].

Dave will conclude things by strapping and paddling both girls. Facials of Kennedy are close to Hollywood-glamour level. After Dave canes Danny to cap things off: “I’m going to strip you both to inspect your bottoms.” The girls are naked, front and rear.

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