Corporal Punishment in Womens’ Institutions #4 – NUWEST

15 May

F/3f; year: 1991; time: 30 minutes

Actress ‘Joanne Jameson’ will whip three girls in the faux prison setting, the empty sound stage with the prison door pasted on the wall. A leather padded table is used, with a bolster-shaped pillow to go under the prisoner’s hips. Three girls are in attendance, in just panties and undershirts.

Actress ‘Vanna’ is called out first, very young, small, and thin, and still a teenager, we read somewhere of this film period. She climbs up on the table and wriggles her bottom up over the bolster. Guard Joanne pulls her panties down. Another blond girl plays a supervisor. She will read off Vanna’s offenses and judge the sincerity of her contriteness and apology, to gauge how much punishment should be done. Joanne uses a wide leather strap, in sets of five, high and full swings. Vanna gets 40 strokes, for flirting, lying, smuggling, tardiness, and fighting. She crawls off the table and goes to the wall, rubbing her bottom.

‘Linda’ is next on the table, same procedure. About 45 strokes here. The actress’ bobbed hair style is very ’90’s. The oblique filming angle of these whippings detracts slightly from the full effect, but we have praised these serial spankings before.

‘Katie’ is last, her blond hair short in this era. Her feet are dirty from the studio floor, and her diminutive size becomes more apparent when she is stretched over the table. But that little bottom! About 40 strokes ring out for her. Many of her offenses involve naughty disrespect and insouciance, a character trait she makes her spankable in many films.

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