Penalty Strokes 1 and 2 – CAVERN

15 May

M/f; time:

Another CAVERN release from either CalStar or MOONGLOW. A sleazy premise, a guy in his grubby office hires a female assistant, who soon learns there is some “penalty point system” used the office. She reports to work in a simple top and loose jeans, rather informal.

The boss is already angry (he wants to be that way). She is late, sloppy, and disrespectful, acting just like the place looks. The brunette actress can’t help smiling at the awkward dialogue. He leaves her to tidy up the office, she goes immediately to the phone to tell her boyfriend about these conditions, the boss returns, and we are ready for the first penalty assessment.

He explains–it is spanking. “You mean…like at school?” He takes her OTK; the promised salary must be good because she does not object. He spanks her overhand on her jeans, because he is right-handed and she lay down in the wrong direction. “Stand up. Take off your jeans.” She is wearing tourcoise panties and they get the position right this time. She gets a hard spanking, and earns what she did not know was part of the policy: “Take the rest of the day off.” Not bad, come to work, take a spanking, go home, get paid.

Dissolve to the next day–the brunette looks more glamorous now, wearing a beige suit. “I enjoyed yesterday,” she reports. She opens a large map tube the boss hands her. It contains a collection of spanking implements. She is enticing. He immediately puts her over the desk. “You want another day off, do you?” First he uses a heavy black leather strap, then ruck up her skirt, panties down, quite a few bruises. He will now use an alarming paddle, the size of a squash racket, with a circular round head.

“Take you skirt off, knickers off, top off, and bend over the chair.” She is down to just a lavender bra, and displays a full thatch of hair for us. She kneels on a chair, reaches over the back, and wiggles around without direction so that her bottom faces the camera. A strap makes her jump.

There was a cane in the tube. He asks her to pull down the bra, he tweaks her nipples, she bends over a chair from the back, so that her legs are locked and tall. 20 strokes of the cane are shown, some repeats, but it looked authentically painful. She dresses and storms out to her car. “You can stick this job.”

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