A Taste of Her Own Medicine – NUWEST NWV-147

16 May

M/f; year: 1988; time: 29 minutes

Producer Ed Lee introduces ‘Simone Devon’ as an “80’s Bondage Queen.” In one of his little interview settings, she discusses her predilections (not very convincingly, we thought). A very young and kempt Lee says, “We’ll see how a dominant like Simone Devon does as a submissive.” We’ve seen Ms. Devon just once before so far, getting spanked in an American CalStar, ‘Back to School.’

The first segment cut into the film shows Ms. Devon and another girl at work on a naked male, who is tied and on the floor. The girls wear silly bustiers with their boobs out.

Back to the interview with Lee. Devon seems to have lost some bet and now has to be a submissive. She models in an out-of-fashion ankle-length skirt and blouse. Lee’s tease: “Slowly lift your skirt to your waist.” She shows just a thong. Lee takes her OTK for a gentle warm-up spanking.

Cut to another modeling session. Another skirt and blouse, skirt up, white panties down, more spanking.

And a third session–Devon takes off her blouse and skirt, down to a slip (Lee loves his foundation garments). Slip up, panties down. Laughter and squealing.

And a fade to the last scene. Devon is strung up NW style for Lee’s martinet, loud and colorful. Devon must count out 50 strokes. All in all, we wish Joanne Jameson had walked onto the set and shown Simone what a submissive really is.

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