Female Submissive Hairbrush #10 – NUWEST

16 May

time: 20 minutes

Five crackling segments with the special long-handled hairbrush.

NuWest’s big blonde ‘Debra’ goes over Ed Lee’s lap first. “100 with the hairbrush…do I hear a protest?” (No). “Ed, I know you are enjoying this…just take it easy.” OTK, her bottom is here and tanned except for thong lines. Gray-fox Lee, tossled hair, Jesus-beard, spanked her with his hairbrush with undisguised pleasure. He tells her she will be stripped naked the next time he has to spank her and he calls her his “dear ex-wife,” a relationship we will have to research. We’ve read Debra became his partner at NW and took over the business after his death.

Scandanavian model ‘Ingrid’ is spanked in the second segment, made earlier in time at NuWest, time measurable by Lee’s appearance. Panties down, jeans at her ankles. All her punishments are first-class.

A blond female spanks another blonde. The scene is the NW townhouse. The strokes are soft and punches pulled, as it were. No one has ever liked this heavy wood brush, a fact Lee explained in one of his “institutional” videos. The girl is covered by her hair.

Lee spanks, we think it is ‘Jacque.’ Jeans, blue panties, for as long as they last.

And ‘Katie’ is last, wearing her black wig, roasted first on her black girdle, then pantyhose, then on the bare, providing one of those full-screen bottom shots of this model worth collecting.

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