Kristi – NUWEST NWV-216

16 May

M/f; year: 1980’s time: 30 minutes

An Ed Lee narration. ‘Kristi’ has written a letter from Madison, Wisconsin. She likes spanking and can’t get anyone to satisfy her. The tall 24 year old long blond-haired girl wears a conservative skirt and blouse. She saw someone with a NU-WEST catalogue and contacted Lee’s company.  This is purported to be her first spanking. She has chosen to be spanked by a woman and selected ‘Julia Jameson’ from the Dommes Lee offered her. Lee declares in his opening remarks that she is one of the prettiest models he has worked with. He will bring on many more.

They move to the other side of the sound stage, where a young and thin Julia waits to do the “little sister” spanking. Kristi goes OTK immediately, and the first phase is a long session on her skirt. Various angles–facial, oblique, and rear.

Kristi is sent to the corner for the traditional pose. After a FADE, the second segment consists of spanking on her pantyhose, which are quickly pulled down to expose sky-blue satin panties. Her buttocks are bright red around the edges. Kristi is not making a sound, nor will she throughout, except for some barely perceptible heavy breathing. Very pretty little trimmed panties full-screen.

And the third phase, the panties come down, and we see what a thorough spanker Julia is and will prove to be in many future films.To the corner bare bottom, for a long moment. There is no exit interview.

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