Prison Governess – CALSTAR

17 May

F/f; time: 27 minutes

Female ‘governess’ with more than a casual eye for her prisoners. A blond sits at an empty table in a large, echoing, gymnasium-type room. On the table in front of her are displayed a collection of spanking implements.

A knock on the door, a brunette in prison smock enters, prisoner “#039.” The governess reads off her offenses. “Hands on your head…I’m going to give you a good beating for all the things you’ve done…raise your skirt.” While 039 stands facing the wall, the governess pulls her white panties down.

To begin, 039 bends over the long end of the table for the “four-fingered tawse.” It seems 039 was caught “fingering” another prisoner. “I’ll take some of the frustration away from you.” The governess can’t resist checking the camera on occasion. And, no doubt, the governess is enjoying this.

We get the first facials of the prisoner 8 minutes into the film, mostly we would guess, because the angles and the blocking are so bad they couldn’t figure it out–like moving the table out into the room further! 039 bends over the front of the table now, facing the camera, for the hairbrush and the martinet. The governess rubs her between sessions and gets in a few humps. She climbs onto the table, sits on the prisoner’s back, and slashes vertically with the martinet. Bizarre but colorful.

“Your final beating to come…for trying to escape….the cane….bend over, give me your ass..your bottom is already quite heated.” The governess is good with the cane–about 15 strokes are shown. Sniffles, silence, rubbing, humping.

“Stop sobbing. You’ve had this before.” It would appear this actress was more affected by the cane than was intended. “You obviously have not received a whipping this hard before.” The punishment seems to have stopped early. A few facials may actually show dripping tears.

039 is sent off, after the governess herself pulls up her panties. “Next!”

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