Barium Enema Experiment – NUWEST

21 May

2F/m; year: 1998; time: 28 minutes

Full medical setup! Ed Lee will take an enema from his actresses ‘Joanne Jameson’ and ‘Karen’ in a setting which includes a padded table, table of medical instruments, and an enema trolley. Lee, long gray ponytail, wears on an open-back enema gown. The ‘nurses’ shown him the enema bag, and how the nozzle inflates.

Lee lies on his side; Joanne will do the insertion, but first she does a rectal temperature.

The girls talk casually while they minister to Lee, like this is the enema department and people wait of a bench outside. When they discover he has developed an erection (which we don’t see of course–remember, Lee does this all day long), they spank him for showing such disrespect. It’s just the opposite, of course. “This usually works,” says Joanne of the spanking as a method to discourage erections.

Joanne checks his penis and is satisfied, then proceeds with the insertion. After a series of position changes the enema is complete and he is sent to the toilet.

After he is gone, the girls snicker a bit. “I hope he doesn’t say anything to the doctor abut us spanking him.” Joanne: “I know what I am doing. A girl’s got to have some fun.”

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