Prison Mistress – NUWEST

21 May

F/f; time: 30 minutes

Title card reads ‘Prison Misress.’ Editor on vacation. Actress ‘Amy’ is in prison and has to endure a six-part session with a dominatrix guard we didn’t recognize on this first viewing.

Little brunette ingénue haired Amy sits on the empty sound stage. Fade quickly, her hands are cuffed behind her back and she is hoisted by the wrists strappado-style, not so tight as to attack her shoulder muscles. Her panties are at her knees, her long blouse covers just part of her bottom, in a wardrobe malfunction. The guard circles with the dog whip and lashes her bottom periodically. Amy begins whimpering immediately.

The second segment opens with Amy, naked and pale white, strapped over one of NuWest’s boxes. The guard keeps up the whipping, from all angles, including her fully available flat back.

The third section finds Amy strung up naked, in just a knee socks. Someone cleverly left her panties just below her knees. A full black untended pubic thatch puts this film into the late ’80’s. More whipping, 360-views.

In the fourth depiction, Amy has to walk around the studio, prancing pony-girl style, holding two flutes of red wine, while the guard lashes her bottom every time she has a clear shot. Amy in practicing to be a server. This must be one of those prisons where the female prisoners ‘serve’ management. Someone at NuWest read JANUS fiction. In these views, we can see Amy has developed marks from her shoulders to her thighs.

Next, Amy lies over a bench, kneeling on a prayer pad, her waist resting on a T-bar. The whipping continues.

The last segment shows Amy on her back, ankles cuffed and strung up to a ceiling rope, wrists fastened to the bench, in the diaper pose. The whipping concludes, and this posture often permits access to some tender spots.

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