Private Sessions with Kelli Raye – NUWEST

21 May

F/m; year: 1996; time: 29 minutes

Actress ‘Kelli Raye’ stands in the doorway. She wears a white blouse, dark skirt, and eyeglasses. She looks more like she just got up from a desk as a research librarian than the dominatrix she is about to be. To Ed Lee, she says: “Let’s go. It’s time for your punishment.”

They wind through the NuWest studios to a sound stage. “Get all these cameras on and be quick about it.” Now we see Lee, petticoat time. He wears panties, pantyhose, and a half slip.

Kelli Raye takes his panties down with a demonic smile on her face. You have to assume that, even though Lee made quite a few of these femdom films, he was the Top most times that all the actresses are looking for a chance for payback.

She begins the routine of spanking, strapping, sending him to the corner, the hairbrush, etc. “There’s nothing I like better than strapping a man, except caning.”

Halfway through the film, Kelli herself begins to undress. She takes her bra and skirt off. It is filmed from overhead, too far away to appreciate her. Down to bra and panty set, she straps Lee again over a chair.

She flexes the cane for the finale, his and hers, we presume. Over the chair again, she give him a thorough scalding, clearly enjoying it, and bringing up the usual skin breaks Lee always gets. She kisses his ass to conclude.

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