Russian Slaves #41-Sports School – NETTLES

21 May

M/4f; time: 40 minutes

Naked Russian girls in the mirrored exercise room. The familiar young male disciplinarian Gerry, seen in most of these films is playing a gym teacher, angry at four girls for some vague drinking incident with the police. Everything in these Russian CP films is vague, except for the sight and sound of rope or rattan on flesh.

The four girls, brunettes of a variety of shapes, wear schoolgirl kit, and are directed to strip and put on PT gear. This undressing is NETTLES  pro-forma, to let us see the merchandise, and it is slowly done. The girls pivot on cue and the mirrors are very helpful. The girls belittle each other’s bottoms–we presume they know what we are watching. The gym teacher singles out two girls and makes them strip nude.

Both are diminutive and cute, neat tight figures, nicely shaved. They must run, naked as they are, in a circle around the teacher, then goose-walk, salacious, difficult,  and revealing. All the while the teacher threatens them with a doubled jump rope. More exercise–squats, jumping jacks, leg lifts on stools, all done facing us or back to us, whatever maximizes the girls’ charms. They march and jump rope–we’ve commented-nothing like a naked girl jumping rope.

It is time for some spanking. The exercise benches are positioned and the prettiest of the two bare ladies lies flat, full length–a particularly Russian punishment position, grabs the legs of the bench and prepares to hang on. The other girls, one nude and two still dressed and so far escaping attention, are directed to circle and whip her with jump ropes. But they are mild and ineffectual slaps, so the gym teacher takes over. He whips hard, from various positions. In spite of the terrible editing, it seems the naked girl takes at least 30 full swipes with the rope. Plenty of welts and lines–actual loop marks, closeups, tears, and flailing. These Russians are mean.

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