Tackroom Trauma – CALSTAR

21 May

MF/2f; time:55 minutes

Barn girls and spankings always go together; two brunettes arrive at horse stables on a fancy farm, having been hired to care for the horses quartered there for their owners. ‘Fiona’ and ‘Sophie’ are met by a woman, ‘Mrs. Dayton-Phillips,’ decked out in tony riding habit. Early versions of this film were titled ‘Tack Room Travesty,’ which might apply to the acting.

Since the girls did not come equipped with work clothes, the Madam gives them some, which leads us to a nudie scene as the girls try things on. The Madam gets to help them and arranges a good look at their bottoms, which are in her plans for the day. The girls switch pants, which makes them look even better.

The girls are set to work cleaning the “tack,” and it immediately becomes clear they don’t know how to do it and that they lied about their experience. This is the Madam’s chance: “You’re going to have to learn the hard way.” Tall brunette Fiona is taken OTK first. “All the stable hands have to do this who are disobedient.” Something goes wrong during this first spanking attempt–they all laugh, out of character.

Brunette Sophie tries to intercede. “You can’t just hit her.” “Excuse me?..Get your jodphurs off, now!” When Madam threatens to fire them, Sophie will take her turn OTK. Fiona observes. There is more hilarity. Sophie’s panties have to be unsnapped. She has a full bush. Fiona strokes her bottom.

Sophie complains: “How come I am the only one lying here in the nude?” So Fiona strips, down to just a bra. Fiona gets another turn OTK.

In a new scene, outside, it is a little cold. The girls are dressed again for work. Dayton-Phillips calls ‘Mr. Smythe,’ one of the gentry who boards his horse here. The girls are mucking in what looks like an actual barn–wind sounds on the microphone. Madam has the girls stop and switch to preparing Smythe’s horse.

Smythe arrives in his fancy Triumph and is dispeased when his horse is not ready. The girls slacked off, are scolded. “These girls need discipline,” and Smythe goes to his car to get–we know what. “I’m going to discipline these girls the hard way….remove your clothes, girls.” “…what?..” Madam looks in on and smiles at the progress being made, like this is part of the deal. Both girls strip to just bra and garter belt. He moves from bottom to bottom with a strap, having his fun. The girls sniffle.

He wants their legs open. “One nice thing about discipline, I get to grope lovely young ladies’ asses.” We admire Smythe for actually articulating one of the universal truths of CP films. Is Dayton-Phillips a confederate? Are her jodphurs in danger?

“Stand up straight. Remove your bras…turn around, very nice!” More strapping for both girls. Smythe makes them play ‘pony-girl,’ on the floor. “Act like horses.” He whips what bottom he can reach. PT time; “I want to see your boobs bounce up and down.” Star jumps will do that. He has each girl strap the other. More crawling and whipping; he straddles their backs. On their backs for the ‘bicycle,’ an exercise particularly suited for those not wearing pants. And both girls have to sit astride a V-shaped saddle rack, not quite of the Lupus/RigidEast nastiness, but still no fun. Dayton-Phillips is quite amused by Smythe’s inventive mind.

The group moves to the baronial ‘hall,’ into the manor borne, as it were. There are more spanking opportunities here (and it is easier to film and probably warmer if you are required to be naked). The girls did slip some clothes back on for the trek to the house. Coats off-bare boobs. “Get your jeans off,” says the Madam. She spanks both girls before Smythe rejoins.

The girls still seem amused by these goings-on. Smythe and Madam share cropping the girls, the hardest spanking yet. Fiona is sent off, quite naked, to finish preparing the horse, and Smythe focusses on Sophie again, and says what you are always expecting to hear in any CP film: “And you Sophie, you are going to suck my cock.”

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