Tenant’s Ordeal – CALSTAR

21 May

M/3f; time: 55 minutes

Another landlord-tenant disciplinary session; ‘Mr.Richards’ got fleeced by two girl tenants; he will capture and cane them both, and also the female real estate agent who failed him. One of the tenants, ‘Alison Payne,’ will participate in one of the most entertaining punishments we have ever seen. The film has been reissued by some as ‘Tenant’s Extras,’ which title will become clear.

Richards, played by the late ‘Tom Cooper,’ and agent ‘Mrs. Jessup’ manage to snag ‘Gillian,’ who sold all the furnishings provided by Richards, because it was “junk.” The 900 pound deposit is not enough. Richards hints at an “alternative.” Jessup: “What she needs is a good spanking.” “What?” exclaims Gillian, credibly incredulous. They explain. “What does it mean…this…punishment?”

Jessup will do the spanking to start. Gillian, a petite blonde with a boyish figure, is taken OTK on a chair, the only furniture left  in the room. Jeans down, print panties, not much in the bottom department. Handspanking. Richards wants her panties to come down, then excuses himself to go to his car to get “something.” He returns with an armory of straps, paddles, and a cane. We have come to realize that British landlords all carry spanking implements in their Rovers.

Gillian kneels on a chair for a bigger paddle, then hands-on-chair for the cane. Her little unpadded bottom is already fully red, and this caning is going to hurt more than many. At least 20 strokes. Gillian is released, but she must order her roommate to report to the management office by the end of the week.

Richards now turns on Jessup, played by an older brunette. SHE is going to punished for “your negligence.” She doesn’t argue about it–maybe she likes it. OTK, Richards gets the skirt up, helps herself to rubs and feels which don’t seem a part of the punishment; panties down.

On the chair for the paddle and strap, then bent over the chair for the cane, the same 20 + strokes.

Fade to the management office, the oak-paneled narrow space CalStar has used for some colorful confrontations. ‘Laura’ arrives, the actress Alison Payne, older here, with frosted blond hair instead of her Irish chestnut locks. In all her films, she maintains a steady and naughty ad lib dialogue as she gets her treatment, even more so here.

Richards explains she is going to be thrashed. What does “thrash” mean, she asks. Her choices are: (1) pay back the 900 pounds (she can’t); (2) the police (please no); or the “thrashing.” You can see she is naughty enough to trade this temporary access to her bottom to dispense with this case. She is as cheeky and spankable here as we have ever seen in all her films. Richards takes her OTK–her tight red satin panties are spectacularly lit in the small space.

Richards is energized by her saucy and bold banter. “For the age of you, you’ve got some gum on you…you’re going to bend over the desk.” “Over the desk?” she parrots. “Get those knickers off.” “Right off?”

He will start with the strap. “What do you think of that?” But she taunts. Then, after another crack, “Bloody hell!” The closeups of this fantastic bottom are all you will need in this genre.

Laura won’t shut up. “I bet you want to fuck me, don’t you, Mr. Richards…you want extras, like fucking, sir?” Laura wants anything to avoid the cane, but Richards perseveres, bless him, although we’d certainly like to see her get a shagging. “I just thought it would make you happy.”

But he will proceed with the cane–tap-tap, snap, about 20 strokes, very erotic. Ms. Payne knows better than most how to roll and writhe. Richards checks between her legs. “This is exciting you, isn’t it?…why is this all wet?” “Do you want a rub…is that nice?” Breathless: “Yes.” Rubs and frigs.

Richards suggests he’ll stop by her apartment, but without his cane. “This is very wet…you are a naughty girl.” He kisses her bottom. “I’ll go and get you a lease for another apartment.”

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