Ingrid-Model/Sales – NUWEST

27 May

M/f; year: 1997; time: 8 minutes

In 1997, NU-WEST reports making eight films where staff actresses, who double as management, are disciplined for infractions, which of course means a trip to the sound stage.

Blond ‘Ingrid,’ very blonde, very Swedish, and always looking like she is on the way home from school, arrives at the NU-WEST office and is greeted by ‘Vanna.’ With a touch of a smirk from Vanna: “Here for your punishment?” “I’m a little old for this,” Ingrid responds. They walk through the dressing rooms, Ingrid is given a schoolgirl uniform to wear. She walks with gangly adolescent strides.

She reports to the sound stage, in a parochial charcoal gray pinafore, knee socks, blouse, and pumps. Vanna directs her to stand on a pad, raise her skirt, drop her white panties to her knees, and wait for Ed Lee, in that position. The camera catches faint marks from other spankings. After all, she is a spanking model and a salesperson, and this today is about something she has done.

Lee enters with his whip. The procedure requires Ingrid to remain on the pad, bend forward, and put her elbows on her knees. Lee will whip her bottom in sets of six–she gets 18 strokes and she howls. This will be one of the lighter employee sessions.

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