Dressed to Tease – REDBOARD

28 May

M/f; time: 51 minutes

Two porn stars, Tom Byron and Porsche Lynn, with huge resumes, take a break from their adventurous lives midway through their careers, rest their primary body parts, and do a simple spanking movie for us. Tom plays “Mr. Bob.” A video producer, and Porsche is his secretary.

Tom is watching an old Jamie Gillis corporal punishment movie–we see scenes, cut into this performance, of two young girls getting the what-for. Tom calls Porsche to bring some contracts over to his residence. It is Saturday night. Porsche is a celebrated, tall, glamorous, leggy un-enhanced blonde; she stops by and is truly dressed to tease (she didn’t buy this outfit at Land’s End)–knee boots, short bright red latex-type skirt tight enough to read her buttocks individually, and a bandeau bra. She is going to a party, she says. She IS the party. She glances with unusual interest at the spankings in progress on the TV screen.

Tom observes her fascination and talks her over his knee to give spanking a try. A slow steady spanking follows–she makes the appropriate porn star noises. Tom works up her skirt; this red thong she wears is buried out of sight on this magnificent bottom; the camera shoots up from slightly below, accentuating her willowy body. It is not a hard spanking, but we are having a grand old time.

She bends over a couch, surrenders her thong, shows lovely tan lines, retains the bandeau bra and that is all. More spanking, and lovely.

Tom suggests she audition her while she is here, so she will change into some naughty outfits he apparently keeps on hand. The first is a skimpy all-white ensemble–bra, open jacket, cheerleader’s flared micro mini-skirt, satin panties, knee stockings, and heels. The estimable Ms. Lynn can pull off this corny runway combination. More spanking, erotic and furtive glances at Jamie Gillis whaling away on the two schoolgirls on the TV video. Clothes off, piece by piece, porn “ooh’s” and “aah’s” and an unmistakable reddening bottom. Tom finds a stiff black leather pong-pong paddle. He teases Porsche into repeating a few of the standard spanking clichés. “Make my fanny red, Mr. Bob.” Then to conclude this segment, she must count out the paddle strokes. “One, thank you, Mr. Bob” Etc.

The next outfit is the shortest possible flowery print sundress. “I don’t have any panties on,” which we can happily confirm. Peekaboo. Wonderful. Some bending and posing. Nice glimpses of the whole of Porsche when the dress comes overhead.

The last outfit is a little black dress which probably shouldn’t be worn to a diplomatic reception. Elbow gloves and knee boots, which is all she retains when she hands over this dress. More spanking.

When she returns to her red outfit to leave, Tom can’t resist checking his results on her bare bottom. There are no aspects of pain and punishment in what amounts here to a video girly magazine, but Porsche is an entertaining, experienced, and charming package.

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