Just Another Day at St. Stripe’s Part 1 – REDSTRIPE

28 May

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 26 minutes

First of three parts, six schoolgirls in perfect attire sit attentively at classic desks in a fully-appointed classroom, facing REDSTRIPE’s ‘Ivor Gold’ and the triumvirate of female disciplinarians–‘Miss Brown,’ ‘Miss Chambers,’ and ‘Miss Robinson.’ The skin on six bottoms should be crawling.

Ivor the headmaster lectures the helpless girls and announces that Miss Robinson will deal with the first two–‘Nicole’ (actress ‘Mel Penny’), and ‘Emily'(the redoubtable ‘Catherine Corbett’) here and now, because they have been caught cheating.

Nicole is asked to step forward first–brown upswept hair, she wears her Sunday blouse in lieu of regulation white, which will just cost more strokes. Miss Robinson is a tall, stately, dark redhead, plausibly supervisory in her demeanor and powerful-looking. Nicole goes OTK in front of the class, white panties. Some camera shots from below accent the swell of her buttocks. When Robinson pulls her pants down, she kicks and squawks. Ivor admonishes her from off-stage. He is no fool at his girls’ school, he has hung around to watch (and of course he directs the procedure).

The spanking is brief. She is sent, hands-on-head, pants down, to the blackboard, in the delightful cornering pose so essential to this fantasy. Emily (Corbett) is next. Same OTK, blue knickers, she is a tough actress, well-spanked, and not so easy to break down. To the blackboard.

Nicole returns, assumes the formal bend-over-the-chair pose for the tawse. Robinson snaps them in and Nicole suffers. Emily is tawsed and is again more compliant and more difficult to impress. Camera angles from below are wonderful.

The girls know they are going to be caned. Nicole bends over the teacher’s desk in a formal process. Emily has been sent to “fetch” the cane for Robinson. Nicole takes a full 18 strokes; good screen insert of a bottom closeup. She has earned 6 more and bends over, hands on knees. Done. To the blackboard.

Emily’s turn for the cane. Ms. Corbett’s trim and compact little bottom has always been a joy, in no small part because of its willingness. “Eighteen strokes, right over, and a further 6 of telling tales.” She gets a sweet 18, very brave, over the desk, then 6 bent over grabbing her ankles. She is very athletic.

Miss Chambers comes on-set now to set the stage for her two girls in Part 2. She gives Emily a hard whacking with her hand, just because she is standing there, bottom available. Ivor steps up and compares the two bottoms–must be a nice part of his day. Emily and Nicole then must sit down, bare bottom, always a nice conclusion.

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