Tessara’s Girls – NUWEST

28 May

F/2f; year: 1992; time: 28 minutes

Oldie with dominatrix ‘Tessara Moore.’ She has two of her ‘girls,’ ‘Joanne Jameson’ and ‘Louise,’ strung up nude on the mostly empty sound stage. The girls are wearing just heels and stockings. Their ankles are attached to spreader bars, and they lean forward so that their bottoms stick out.

Tessara, fully dressed for now in blouse, skirt, and gold heels, looking fresh off a flight from Las Vegas, paces with a whip. ‘Eva,’ a curly brunette, wearing a silly child’s dress, sits as an observer and is a pet for Tessara. The girls have been caught by Tessara trying to earn some money on their own and have been brought here to the “basement” for punishment.

Tessara begins whipping the girls, one then the other. They writhe, bend and squat under the strokes. Eva is just loving their discomfort. We hope she will have to take that little dress off, but it will not happen. The acting is horrible, but the whipping and the struggling bodies are very erotic.

Tessara stops frequently to fondle her girls, and keeps up a steady scolding, actually reducing the whipping time. As in many F/f films, she begins to undress, taking off her blouse and skirt to display a black undie set. Eva helps with the undressing.

The girls got arrested for their unsolicited soliciting. Tessara, to obtain their release, made some promises. “You will service the gentlemen as long as they like…the policemen who arrested you..it is what I promised them.”

The whippings continue to the end of the tape, when Eva and Tessara walk off. There are a number of ‘Tessara’ films. Maybe Eva loses her pants in another.

One Response to “Tessara’s Girls – NUWEST”

  1. Dave December 27, 2017 at 3:45 pm #

    Tessara was such a bombshell! what the heck happened to her??

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