Vanna’s Punishment Spanking – NUWEST NWV-242

28 May

year: 1997; M/f; time: 27 minutes

The most entertaining intermural film of NuWest we have seen. Actress ‘Vanna’ is going to be spanked on-camera by Ed Lee for habitual lateness and other things. The film opens with Jacque and Vanna putting on makeup in the dressing room. Lee confronts her, and they already start to tussle. The film is as close to ad lib cameo as we can recall. Ed actually calls her “Rach” (‘Katie’) in error, which offends the jealous Vanna.

Vanna is taken onto the sound stage and the OTK spanking begins, first filmed from a close facial. Lee begins a hard handspanking, which seems to surprise Vanna, who calls Lee ‘Dave’ in several heated exchanges. Lee lays on one of the clichés. “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.” “It might,” Vanna yells, ‘if you don’t hold on.” She is going to get “thirty spanks, that was what was agreed.” Lee does not usually count handspanks, but these are special.

“I don’t believe this….I fuckin’ hate you, Dave.” More yelling. “You fucking asshole…you’re going to fuckin’ pay for this.” You’ve got to wonder, whoever has a date with her tonight, that will be something.

“You’re such a sick bastard!….not on my legs, not on my legs!”

This six-minute spanking and yelling sequence is then repeated, oblique rear and oblique facial.

At the conclusion, Vanna angrily slides off Lee’s lap, yelling that he has spanked her on her legs and back. “Look, you hit my fuckin’ back and my fuckin’ legs,” but she resists Lee when we tries to expose her bottom to the camera. Vanna is a tiger in this film, not to be reckoned with.

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