Double Whammy – CALSTAR

29 May

MF/2f; year: 1998; time: 53 minutes

The casting couch again; actor spanker-extraordinaire ‘Michael Dawes’ plays ‘Rocco,’ an actress’ agent, at work wheeling and dealing on his white sectional couch. He berates client Dougie on the phone for his “casting couch” practices, some ironic hypocrisy about to be entertainingly demonstrated.

‘Amy,’ a thin wispy brunette, and actually a convincing actress, visits, seeking an assignment. Dawes has no work at the moment, by Amy is prepared to put it on the line today anyway. “I’ve heard, if I let you spank my bum, I might get a part…I’ve heard it from a few people.”

Rocco perks as if he can’t believe he has heard this. “You’re willing to submit to a spanking?” Amy is eager. There will be no coaxing needed. She takes her top off to show a red bra, and Rocco himself unzips her skirt and helps her off with it. Black tight show red panties underneath.

OTK on the famous couch, tights down and bra off, he takes handfuls of her breasts. Her panties are rolled down last. Amy dutifully keeps her hair from covering her face as the efficient handspanking proceeds.

Rocco is clearly surprised at how easily this has progressed. “Do you offer your bottom around, Amy?” Two theatrical beats, then “…not usually…” Rocco has her stand, in preparation for the next phase, providing a full and leisurely frontal view. Over the couch for the oval paddle, Amy is quiet and compliant. “This is a very sexy bottom.”

Rocco warns her the cane is next. Another considered pause; “…it should be OK…” Rocco happily points out: “All the girls around here take the cane.” Rocco lays on only 4 strokes before he sends Amy to his secretary for a contract to be drawn, telling her she will be “perfect for Dougie’s job tomorrow,” and her bottom won’t be too marked up either.

In a new scene, Amy has arrived at a horse stable, where a dour-looking woman manager discovers she falsified her resume that she can ride horses, apparently a skill referred along in Rocco’s recommendation, in addition to her accessible bottom. You know the madame is going to take matters into her own hands. They go inside, where we see laid out on a classic harvest table paddles, straps, and canes.

Madame: “I can keep this quiet but you have to be punished.” “What are you suggesting?” “I could beat you severely.” Amy doesn’t hesitate. figuring if she took Rocco’s spanking she can take this. Double the whammy for Amy. Skirt off, OTK along the bench at the table. Madame instructs Amy: “Not a single sound.” Pants down, the handspanking is hard and expert.

Amy is asked to select the next implement from the displayed collection–it is the oval paddle. The madame paddles much harder than Rocco; the stiff round leather paddle achieves gasps from Amy. This is all a warm up, we knew that. Amy must strip nude and bend over the table–the height and her swelling bottom make for a poster pose. The madame whacks with a stiff leather spanker and oval paddle. We cut away to a blonde playing with bottles in a wine cellar. There is going to be more action.

The editing and continuity have been choppy. For some reason, we are left to contemplate Amy naked–her day is not yet complete, while madame looks for the maid, the very same blonde we saw tinkering with the wine bottles. The blonde, in white blouse and black skirt, is found and accused of stealing wine, “tipping with her boyfriend,” and gets the time-honored ultimatum. “Do you want to keep your job or not?” “Yes, madame.”

They are in another room. Amy is nude and waiting elsewhere. There is a cane in the cabinet. Bend-over time for the maid, skirt up, white panties on display, no preliminaries. 20 strokes laid on the pants. Then the panties come down–madame enjoys this part, for 20 more strokes. Lots of repeats, various angles. Convincing.

Amy is called in; might as well do her since the cane is already out of the closet. 40 strokes for her with repeats. “Are your lying days over?” “Yes.” In addition to a sloppy and confusing segue, there are some amusing mishaps on the set which survived editing. Madame can’t make her full cane backswing and kept whacking a wall–they couldn’t figure it out; and once someone on the set knocks something over with a bang and madame stops mid-backswing and looks at us. But two good bottoms, well-caned, carried the day.

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