Let’s Take It In Turns – CAVERN

29 May

2F/m; time: 25 minutes

Two bored girls, one is the much-spanked ‘Alison Payne,’ among her other names, with a huge list of films on MOONGLOW, as well as elsewhere. This CAVERN has the production values and design of an old MOONGLOW. The girls sit and talk about sex and spanking, while in the background we hear the sounds of a contractor at work.

The girls decide to tease and torment the workman into an embarrassing situation, where they can then blackmail him into taking a spanking. Alison pulls a large collection of spanking implements out from behind a chair. Semper Paratus. She is first to tease the man, a young and good-looking guy, as he works, and he responds by making a pass at her. Alison’s brunette friend tries next, he responds, and now they have him. They confront him, he apologizes, wants to save his job, and agrees to take a whipping, without any debate, in a matter of seconds.

The girls will spank, whip, and crop him in various positions there in the sitting room. Alison rides him like a horse while her friend whips. She is quite proficient at pulling down his boxer shorts. After the girls switch back and forth and the guy takes it all in, Alison gets her canes.

Alison gets a chair and the guy bends over its back, keeping his shirt down in front. It will be a few years in these CP videos before the girls can check on-screen to see if he is excited. The girls will alternate caning also, about 15 moderate strokes from each of them. Alison will conclude with “twelve of the best,” the brunette crops a bit more, then Alison does another “six of the best.” The girls giggle their way through it all before sending him back to work.

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