29 May

M/5f; time: 45 minutes

For many, the best CP film of all time; this legendary Czech production, the 10th in the Rigid  East/Lupus catalogue, certainly forged new ground for severe corporal punishment, pushing beyond the silly melodrama to depict almost wicked canings in realistic surroundings with plausible actresses, not hired from local strip clubs.

The actor Jan Zlousty plays a father who has caught his daughter and four of her girlfriends drinking, smoking, and frolicking nude in his house. The film will be set in one room, except for a trip to the toilet for one girl. The partially naked girls cover themselves as they are scolded, and accept punishment rather than be reported to their parents. They get their pajama party clothes back on and will now be brought forward one at a time for some of the most teeth-rattling punishment you are likely to find.

The first girl, a thin brunette, steps forward with theatrical reluctance, pulls her nightdress over her head, drops her panties, and bends forward over a low table. Jan will use a thin whippy cane. She howls from the first stroke. The four waiting girls are in a position to watch, but they look away. The strokes are as hard as imaginable; marks are instantaneous and ripen as we watch. Partway through this first session, there might have been an assist from the cosmetics department. You want to reach out for this girl. She can barely walk back to her place.

The second brunette bends over after she has gotten naked. The camera positions on an oblique to catch her estimable hanging breasts. She gets the same fearsome whipping and is a little better at controlling herself. She joins the first girl, kneeling on the couch, her striped bottom just as colorful.

The third brunette has to run to the toilet just as she bends over. After a tinkle, she spreads cold cream on her bottom. Upon her return and the removal of her clothes, Jan notices the sheen and sends her back to wipe it off. She gets the same incredible roasting.

The next girl is a striking, tall, short-haired redhead (other reviewers have called her a ‘ginger’), whose shocked and panicked face you have been unable to miss as she furtively watches and waits her turn. After a delicious moment of indecision, she shrugs, screws up her courage, and drops her striped pants and positions defiantly, hands on table. She is stoic for the first few strokes, but soon stands up, as if she were rethinking having accepted this acting assignment. But she bends forward and gets through it. This may be the most entertaining caning we have ever seen.

The last girl, a small brunette and Jan’s daughter,  is sent to get a paddle. She is the daughter and knows where to find it. She returns, bends over, and is reminded it is a requirement that she drop her pajama bottoms. The first stroke of the wood fraternity paddle nearly buckles her in two. She gets through a most memorable paddling, then receives her own dose of the cane.

Five thoroughly whipped bottoms are posed on the couch at the conclusion, a scene which RGE repeats in many succeeding films, as they master this serial punishment process, where girls have to watch and await their turn.

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