29 May

M/5f; time: 45 minutes

For most reviewers, the best CP film ever made, even as time has passed. Very impressive canings and a teeth-rattling paddling. The five girls are plausible; the acting is excellent; and it is difficult to imagine that some of these models were not sorry they accepted the assignment, even though LUPUS/RIGIDEAST had already re-established the meaning of the word ‘severe.’

A father catches his daughter and four friends having a rather naughty party. He offers corporal punishment in lieu of parents being notified. They confer and agree. The serial spankings will be varied enough to satisfy those critics of RGE who have objected to repetition. Not us.

The first girl, a thin brunette, steps forward with theatrical reluctance, pulls her nightdress over her head, drops her panties, and bends forward over a low table. Jan will use a thin whippy cane. She howls after the first stroke. The four waiting girls are in a position to watch, but they look away, instantly shocked. The strokes are as hard as imaginable; marks are instantaneous and ripen as we watch. Partway through this first session, there might have been an assist from the cosmetic department. You want to reach out for this girl. She can barely walk back to her place.

The second brunette bends over after she has dropped her towel gotten naked. The camera positions on an oblique to catch her estimable hanging breasts. She gets the same fearsome whipping and is a little better at controlling herself. She joins the first girl, kneeling on the couch, her striped bottom just as colorful.

The third girl, a brunette, comes out next with no hesitation. She drops her black skirt and pulls down her pantyhose. She suddenly tells Jan she has to pee, understandable in this pressure. There follows a toilet scene. After she wipes, she spreads some cold cream on her bottom and returns to the group. Up on the table for her caning, Jan discovers the cream and sends her back to wipe it off. She earns a more severe thrashing. 

Flat on the table, pillow under her hips, a long and wicked caning. She kicks and screams about as much as you will see.

The camera has been caressing the fourth girl in anticipation, a thin, tall, stunning redhead. She has been comforting the other girls as they were caned. Now it is her turn. With breath for courage, and with a little defiance, she steps up, drops her slacks and panties, shrugs and bends over. A legitimate high fashion runway figure.

Jan begins slashing. At five strokes, the redhead steps back and shakes her head, as if breaking. Frontals. But she recomposes, and Jan completes what might be the most entertaining caning we have seen. She struggles, surges, collapses through it.

The last girl, a small brunette and Jan’s daughter,  at home and in pajamas, is sent to get a paddle. She knows where to find it. She returns, bends over, and is reminded it is a requirement that she drop her pajama bottoms. The first stroke of the wood fraternity paddle nearly buckles her in two. She gets through a most memorable paddling, then receives her own dose of the cane. This remains, after all these years, maybe the hardest paddling we have seen, absent an amateur performance. 

Five thoroughly whipped bottoms are posed on the couch at the conclusion, a scene which RGE repeats in many succeeding films, as they master this serial punishment process, where girls have to watch and await their turn.

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