Exciting Opportunity – CALSTAR

30 May

M/f; time: 28 minutes

Another contractor collects his money! Actor ‘Michael Dawes’ plays a window washer who spies his customer ‘Mrs. James’ masturbating on the white sectional couch. It seems Mrs. James doesn’t pay her bills and attempts to flirt with Dawes when he calls. She is a very cute brunette in naughty lingerie you wouldn’t wear to discuss things with a window washer unless you had more extensive plans. “Are you flirting with me?”

Dawes leads her to her own couch. “I’ve got a good mind to smack your bottom.” She keeps teasing, but he goes to the working van and returns with his big-three implements—paddle, strap, and cane. Mrs. James does not resist and is taken OTK full-length on the couch, in skimpy little undies, bare feet curled up. Slow, careful handspanking, with fondles and squeezes. “I’m beginning to feel you are enjoying this.” Dawes fingers under her panties before he pulls them down. “A lovely sight.” Mrs. James has an overall tan.

She takes her top off and he twirls her, nude. Fuzzy frontal look. She is bent over an arm of the couch for the soft paddle and presents a gorgeous visage. The paddle is next; she coos her words through it all. He fondles and pinches this sweet body into the position he wants for the cane, finding the porno magazine she was reading when he spied her.

He lays on 11 strokes; lovely marks and wheals. She is not upset by intimate attention and tries to unbutton his clothes. But Dawes is a working man, with a crew nearby, and knows an annuity when he sees one. “See you next month.”

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