Discipline in Russia #1 -Klafelin I -Nettles

30 May

M/2f; time: 42 minutes

Goofy Russian dungeon-grubby clothing, bright red BDSM sets, faux stone walls. Two guys seem to have been robbed by prostitutes they have just finished with, so they decide to pick up any two girls and get payback from them for being tricked. They find two attractive but travelled girls and spirit them to the above described hideaway, more fit for a fraternity Halloween party than anything else. There will be a party, of sorts.

The girls are fondled and probed, acceptable in their profession. The girls are ordered to strip, which they do playfully, because they think it is part of their deal with these guys. They both do a dildo routine on the bed and ask when the main event begins. Auburn-haired ‘Isabella’ allows herself to be fitted with a leather collar and cuffs. When she is hooked and strung up, she is still amused by these strange doings and these goofy guys. (We, for our part, have lost most of our amusement at this point.) One guy begins to windmill-whip Isabella with two soft many-tongued floggers, front and back, top to bottom. It is silly, but she puts up a cute struggle, arms stretched to the limit. The second girl stands, hands-on-head, awaiting her turn. The faux flogging takes up some time. Then one of our demonic clowns attaches nipple clamps and tries to heat the connecting chain with a lighter. This is a naughty erotic idea, but they don’t perfect it, not a surprise, because this is a Russian film. The whipping continues with a sort of bullwhip and two shorter whips. Finally Isabella is zinged enough to jump and twist. The guy grabs her collar to hold her bottom in place. She is developing some redness and welts.

The second girl is cuffed and strung up–she is doing a fair job of convincing us she is not looking forward to being whipped. She is charming on tiptoes. During her flogging, she seems to develop a sheen of perspiration, an erotic touch, real or faked, we appreciated. Finally a cane materializes and our tippy-toe girl takes a dozen, crisp but not notable, although she produces some welts. She kisses the cane; the girls’ red bottoms are lined up for the closeup. The actual thieves are caught and they themselves struggle with the two girls who took the surrogate punishment. Way out there, this film!

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