Michelle 90-10 Rule – NUWEST

30 May

M/f; time: 20 minutes

Producer Ed Lee’s theory claims that you can elicit an orgasm from almost any woman by spanking her properly. We’re not sure about this, but it worth trying, again and again.

Actress ‘Michelle’ is today’s candidate, and we are in the posture of the ‘Love Spanking’ series, where Lee has Michelle on his lap on the side of a bed. He will spank, frig, spank until something happens. First, immediately, he takes her panties down and knots them at her ankles, a dominant little gesture we don’t recall seeing before in thousands of CP films.

He spanks and gropes, spreading her thighs, frigging harder and harder. It gets a little rough, before Michelle makes with the orgasm. Michelle gets on her knees for a doggie fuck from Lee.

In other films of this genre, this would be the fade to a conclusion. But here, after the dissolve, we reconvene with a camera shot from above. Lee, or his surrogate, is erect and ramming someone. But the bathrobe is his.

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