That Skirt’s Too Short – NUWEST

30 May

F/f; year: 1999; time: 19 minutes

Actresses ‘Julia Jameson’ and ‘Katie’ in another film not destined for the Sundance Film Festival. Julia plays Katie’s ‘auntie’ here. She claims she has received a call from her school Principal. The boys have been gathering to watch her bend over the drinking fountain. Knowing what we have seen of Katie, you’d think the Principal would be out there too.

“So you’re proud of your little silk panties….I’m going to warm them up…and your bottom!” You’ll positively shiver at the acting, but keep an eye on Katie. It’s true, that little skirt she wears is so short the slightest movement produces a panty flash.

“Take that skirt off.” Palms on the chair for a bend-over. Julia herself takes off a full-length robe to display a flower-print bra and panty set, and that Amazon backbreaker of a body. A NuWest catalogue at the time pointed out this film was “fun for the underwear fans.” After this first phase, they hug and thank each other.. There is a pause, because someone forgot her lines.

Julia calls her sister, Katie’s ‘mother,’ to report that Katie likes being spanked and is in fact fishing for any excuse.

Katie enters the room, wearing a silly American Girl ruffled dress that only an actress like her could pull off. She curtsies for Julia and actually loses her balance, but the camera keeps rolling. OTK, ruffled panties soften the spanking blows and in fact muffle the sound. (Where is that Spencer paddle when we need it?) “Let’s get that dress off.” Katie is not wearing a bra. Julia herself strips again–this time a black undie set.

In the next scene the girls have just returned from church and wear long dresses. Nothing like a good spanking after church. Julia takes off Katie’s dress and has Katie untie her own dress. Both now in full slips (the underwear thing continues, unabated). Julia will use “my Sunday paddle.”

A loud spanking on Katie’s pantygirdle. Both slips off; more bra/pantygirdle sets. Julia sees that Katie has been very much enjoying all this. “Go to the corner and take care of yourself.” We see Katie masturbating through her pantygirdle. You’d like to help.

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