30 May

M/4f; year: 2005; time: 35 minutes

Four girls and a prefect sleep in a dorm room, a great start! The morning alarm sounds and the girls scramble to dress—some slept naked. Maroon pinafores. Nudie shots, bend-overs, bottoms.

A matron enters and inspects the girls. The student female prefect scores them on a clipboard. The prefect does a white-glove inspection of the room and one of the girls finds a dust bunny under a cot. No one confesses fault. All four must report to the headmaster, which means corporal punishment.

While they wait outside the Head’s office, the prefect tries to explain how to deal with a caning. “Try to relax your muscles. It hurts more if you clench them.” While they wait, the prefect has the girls do deep knee bends, 40 squats, for bad language, a painful exercise which will stick with you.

Inside his office, the Head is having coffee and being briefed by the matron. They feel the girls have become too cocky. He arranges for the custodian to do the punishment, the caning. They will need a better caning bench (the ribbed trestle familiar from the ‘Director’ series, apparently available on order from a school supply house), because one of the girls is on the heavier side.

After the squats, the prefect has the girls strip. This scene went too quickly for us–we missed the big moments Lupus does so well. The girls are now in front of the headmaster, in shadowy light, trying to cover themselves, and being naked, not in much of a position to bargain. They are each going to get 50 cane strokes. The trestle is bathed in a sort of floodlight as the girls stand in the gloom.

The heavy-set blonde is strapped down first. She almost overwhelms the trestle. She screams and quivers through her 50. The spectating girls quake in horror. If they had to be instructed not to clench their buttocks, we assume this is their first caning.

A small and thin brunette gets her 50 and marks up immediately.

The third girl, another brunette, is already in tears, and no one could blame her.

The fourth girl, cute blond ‘Anna,’ has to be led to the trestle. The cane affects her the most of the four. The headmaster takes some delight in close examination of the beaten bottoms before the girls are sent off to class. Outside, the sadistic prefect decides she wants another set of squats from the girls, which must hurt like hell with wheals across your bottom.

Later that night, in the dorm, the girls figure it was Anna’s fingernail cuttings which caused the dirt clump. After lights out, and a matron-check, the girls jump Anna, turn her bottoms-up, and with the handle of a dust brush, use it where it will do the most good.

Then the matron sneaks in again after all is quiet. Is she planning more trash for tomorrow?

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